Sarah Harvey

Operation Wanted pushes better pet management on owners

ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council is certainly barking up the right tree when it comes to the importance of responsible pet management. You could even say it's a purrrrfect approach!

Council's Health and Compliance Committee Chair Councillor Ellen Smith said Council's ongoing partnership with the RSPCA was proving very successful with several benefits for the community.

"Council has always strongly supported the excellent work of the RSPCA and has recently partnered with them on two initiatives, the PAWS Van and Operation Wanted, encouraging pet owners to desex their animals," Cr Smith said. 

"The Portable Animal Welfare Service (PAWS) van is a mobile, fully functional surgery designed specifically for neutering cats and kittens and small dogs.

"We've organised for the PAWS van to visit the community and help those on a lower income desex their pets, and the response has been overwhelming with the service booked out in advance.

"I think that indicates that residents are taking action to ensure their animals are desexed and they are being responsible pet owners, however I don't think we can rest just yet and we need to continue to get the message out." 

That message is loud and clear with the RSPCAs Operation Wanted, which Council also supports.

"We've contributed funds to Operation Wanted this year for their ongoing campaign which again encourages pet owners to desex their pets," Cr Smith said.

"Our support will help the RSPCA increase their target of 30,000 extra animas being desexed, which in the long run will save millions more animals in the future.

"Apart from the obvious benefits to the animals, residents will also save with discounted desexing costs of 20% at number of vets across the Region, not to mention feeling good that your pet will not cost you with unwanted or unplanned litters."

Operation Wanted finishes on 31 August. For further information on responsible pet management go to  and for Operation Wanted go to

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