OPINION: Aussie motorists being held to ransom


Fuel for thought

On Sunday, May 9, the USA's Colonial Pipeline company was held to ransom by a cyber attack out of eastern Europe.

Internet criminals exploiting corporate technological vulnerability can disrupt the economy of any nation.

The USA fuel price jumped to $3 per gallon due to shortages, equating to 83c per litre, the highest for seven years.

Fuel prices in Australia are controlled by four major oil companies, which increasingly widen their profit margins with impunity.

For our governments, the sales tax and GST from fuel sales are too lucrative and enticing to intervene.

Australians pay one of the world's highest fuel prices, which makes our cost of living almost untenable.

Recent hikes to record high prices for our fuel, as high as 170-plus cents a litre, had no logical reason, put down to a sense of entitlement by the untouchable oil companies.

We are conditioned to high prices with every statutory holiday, holding motorists to ransom.

USA citizens, with more than 10 times our population, are price-sensitive enough for their federal government to control the retail price.

Our Australian governments, turning a blind eye, tax-focused, inadvertently collude with repeated exploitation by the big four oil companies.

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands.



Harry's view on Rocky e-scooter plan.
Harry's view on Rocky e-scooter plan.



Have you or a family member experienced ramping at Rockhampton Hospital?

Rockhampton's ramping has increased 27 per cent since February 2020 such that nearly half of all patients were not transferred off-stretcher within 30 minutes.

Leanne Bannah Ne- Boyle: Until the aged care system is fixed and more beds available with appropriate staffing within the nursing homes, there will always be major problems. There are way too many bums on beds that should in nursing homes. Free up the beds and that will take the pressure off the ED to move patients out to the wards and allow patients in.

Donna Laycock: Yes! And felt so bad for the fantastic ambulance crew that transferred me from Yeppoon Hospital. At one stage the E.D was only full of paramedics and didn't see any staff members. I certainly hope my paramedics that transferred me got there O.T... as they were way over their knock off time. Thank you Yeppoon Ambulance.

Rebecca Torr: I was there yesterday and spent from just before 11 to after 2.30 for something. The waiting room was packed with it taking 30 minutes just to talk to front counter. The emergency room needs to get bigger or they need some help to deal with the influx. No doctors available for same day appointments means the hospital is getting hit hard following advice given from 13health.

Gordon Clark: Been there a few times over the last couple of years, and never had a problem. Everything has to be triaged. When you hear complaints in the waiting room, been waiting for an hour for someone to see my sons hand, which he hurt at football two days ago, decided to bring him in Saturday night, of course you will wait.

Tasha Lamey: Yes spent five hours on ambulance stretcher before I could be put in cubicle and the paramedics had to stay there until they could do a handover. And there were patients backed up behind me waiting also.



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