OPINION: Big problems with joining 4700 postcode

CHANGE AHEAD: Glen Lynch led the call to change to the Gracemere postcode.
CHANGE AHEAD: Glen Lynch led the call to change to the Gracemere postcode. Allan Reinikka ROK070817apostcod

WHEN I voted for a postcode change, I believed that it was to give Gracemere its own postcode.

I hear now that if it goes ahead that this is not going to happen, instead we will be tacked onto Rockhampton 4700.

This was confirmed by Councillor Ellen Smith.

I see a couple of problems here, first the problem with duplication of street names and there are a few. Who will take responsibility for late mail bill fees from redirected mail?

Another is, will we pay more insurance for being attached to a more flood prone postcode than we are now?

House deposits in Gracemere town are the same as in Rockhampton, we paid 10% when we bought 22 years ago and I checked the bank who gave us the home loan this morning and it is still the same.

I am now at odds to see a benefit in being attached to Rockhampton and I think some residents in Rockhampton would feel the same because of the problems that may arise from having two streets in the same postcode.

D Marold


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