OPINION: Gay people are better for the environment

BRIGHTER FUTURE: Letter writer Lyn Laskus is voting
BRIGHTER FUTURE: Letter writer Lyn Laskus is voting "yes” to legalise same sex marriage. Alistair Brightman

WITH all the debate about why we shouldn't vote for recognised gay marriage, I have made the decision to vote yes and have done so to recognise legally, same sex marriage in Australia.

The reason being is I am so over the fear campaign put out about how our way of life will change if we vote yes.

At the end of the day, I suspect that it will be fear that will kill off the human race, but certainly the more gay people there are in this world the better off our environment will be in the long run with less people.

Perhaps it is all nature's way.

People who are attracted to the same sex in years gone by have been tortured, bashed, left for dead and murdered and cast out from family and friends.

If that was not enough imagine being black, Asian, Muslim and gay, because they are hated more than same sex couples.

So what if they take charge?

They can't do any worse than the years of wars with death and misery in the name of someone who may or may not have lived a long time ago.

All we have to do is look at the disgusting truth of the religious institutions and long list of governments and government officials that for so long swept under the carpet the sexual abuse of children.

Or have you all forgotten about this? What hypocrites they are.

Lyn Laskus

Emu Park

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