OPINION: Our homeless epidemic is a bridge too far


Poverty is not a career choice

In Labor's budget reply speech, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese's commitment to 20,000 new social housing constructions is hugely insufficient to address the 400,000 social housing shortfall.

In our first world nation, one per cent of the population owns 90 per cent of wealth. The imbalance between rich and poor is exacerbated by the great wealth divide.

A land of opportunity for some, who can access education and resources and prosper, does not apply to those living below the poverty line.

It was Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke who boasted no Australian child will live in poverty by 1990 yet, here we are in 2021, with three million children living in poverty; in cars, on the streets, "couch surfing" or in "care".

Our homeless epidemic is a bridge too far, beyond the pale.

Poverty is not a career choice; its victims are a result of internal and external forces impacting social and economic outcomes.

Beyond the control of governments are family breakdown, critical unemployment and "demand" exceeding supply. Well-meaning politicians are inept and condemned for their inadequacy to resolve insolvable historical inequality.

Demographics most at risk are our three million children, indigenous and refugee residents.

The Great Divide, conquered in 1813 by Lawson, Blaxland and Wentworth, led to Australia's pre-Federation wealth.

This great divide analogy challenges our nation. Money alone isn't enough to restore dignity and equality.

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands.


Why not similar system for DV victims?

We have med-alert systems for the aged and handicapped who can contact authorities when help is needed.

So why not a similar system for victims enduring chronic, prolonged, aggressive domestic violence direct to police communication or district police headquarters?

A system like this would have a priority one status and minimise delay time.

There is one other need - treat those prolonging violence as a paedophile. Retention in jail at the governor's pleasure and, if necessary, never to be released because of the physical danger to others, including children.

Have government legislate and the justice system impose sentencing according to the public wants and needs instead of silly social matters like wokeness in education.

Finally, governments have failed in the past 20-odd years to build or expand jails, hospitals and schools according to population increases.

There is acute crowding in all three of these critical infrastructure needs.

- Robert (Bob) Buick, Mountain Creek.



Harry's view on Deb Frecklington rumours.
Harry's view on Deb Frecklington rumours.



ANON. What sense in all these jobs if people are leaving CQ because there's no affordable housing and when bringing outside workers more stress on housing. Fed and state do nothing. This problem has been here for years - we need housing for low and middle income workers and need it now, not next election.

ANON. Another C grade effort from Freo who will not make top 8. See you next year when you come to play.



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