Harry's view on COVID quarantine camps.
Harry's view on COVID quarantine camps.

Opinion: Truth of this prediction stands the test of time


All the world’s a stage...

“The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.” This prediction cannot be attributed to one particular psychologist, but its truth stands the test of time.

Life’s experience warns us that “once bitten, twice shy” may be the better option when in doubt.

But to give people the benefit of the doubt is to be human, willing to give offenders a second chance. After all, we are all human and “nobody’s perfect”, as they say.

Life also tells us to be cautious and show wisdom, a lesson not easily appropriated; moreso with age and experience.

We tend to ignore what we don’t want to face; that someone we trust has broken the golden rule and betrayed our trust.

This perspective works itself out in our relationships where we know, or think we know, who to trust.

We invest in people and schemes we value and want then we experience the reality of consequences of putting our faith in untrustworthy people or schemes.

Being duped by forces outside ourselves relying on our naivety is costly.

We only have to witness the chaos Trump instigated in his four-year term as a pseudo-president to see how easily some are led like sheep to the slaughter.

Even those in the Republican Party and his own family fell for his charade.

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” - William Shakespeare.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands.

Sheep reference taken as a compliment

Many thanks to Jane Smith for her comment (8 Jan) calling PETA supporters “sheep”.

This was a wonderful compliment, because sheep are emotionally complex and highly intelligent animals who are gentle, playful and affectionate.

Sheep can distinguish between different expressions in humans and can detect changes in the faces of anxious sheep.

Desmond Bellamy, Special Projects Coordinator, PETA Australia



LPMC. Well said Michael McCormack telling fit unemployed to get off their backside, put Netflix down, travel to an area where workers are required and pick the fruit and vegie crops. “We all know” if changes to accessing benefits don’t change, crops will rot and imported products will fill the shelves. Why can backpackers do the task but lazy unemployed can’t. Wake up Australia. If you disagree, don’t complain when you’re eating overseas produce and local prices rise.

ANON. The true candidate is Tony. He’s been around this town, he knows how to get things going. An old face with new ideas, he’s a surprise packet.


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