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OPINION: Why does the levee need 70% support?

I HAVE previously written to The Bulletin on the limitations of Michelle Landry's survey, which does not, as far as we know, include the services of a professional polling company.

There are of course risks with sampling and inherent bias, which could invalidate any findings.

I try not to write repeatedly on the same issue, however, the revelation last Tuesday in TMB that Michelle wants 70% support is worthy of comment.

The study conducted in 2014 showed that just over 65% supported the project then.

Now that the issue has become politicised, with "signalling” from both sides of politics on whether to support the project, it is, of course, unlikely that support would be over 70%.

Michelle says she is doing all this in the name of "democracy”.

How is it that people can make massive decisions (e.g. Brexit, Republic referendum) requiring 50% support but the federal member requires 70% for Rockhampton's levee?

It seems pretty clear what is going on here and I would suggest that the levee has as much chance of prevailing in Michelle's survey as a respondent had in the Moscow show trials.

It seems clear where you stand on the issue, Michelle. Please stop wasting everyone's time and just

own it.

People may not agree with you but it will get you more respect than this game playing.

Just remember that it does not take 70% of the electorate to get rid of you.

- Robert Forsythe, Glenlee

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