I love a sunburn country, a land of littered plains

I DON'T mean to harp on about our recent holiday overseas, but there are still after effects from our UK adventures.

Although I had a touch of jetlag, it was only a few weeks and I was back to my normal non-morning-person self.

For some reason, the kids body clocks never went back to the old schedule.

Before the holiday I nagged them to get ready school, nagged them to get out of bed, and would be pushing them out the door just before the school bell went.

Now they wake up at some ungodly hour, help themselves to breakfast and get ready for school, all before I have even started to unpeel my eyelids.

There have even been days the kids have announced they are ready for school at 7am, asking for a bit of computer game time before it is time to leave.

Just shows how smart they really are, asking me difficult questions before I've had my first coffee.

Harry Bruce cartoon Supermum column published November 28
Harry Bruce cartoon Supermum column published November 28


Another travelling after effect has been the way I see our surroundings.

I have always loved Australia, and could never think of it as anything other than home.

But I must admit, there are times I have been a bit ashamed, when I think how a tourist might see our great country.

Well, what they can see of it, under the rubbish that litters our beautiful landscape.

While travelling the Scotland countryside, litter was noticeably absent.

In fact, the only time I even noticed litter the whole time we travelled was when we saw paid litter-pickers with rubbish bags working their way around the cobblestone streets.

It is against the law to litter in Scotland, with fines up to 50 pound.

But looking at the amount of litter that lines our highways, I would say most people don't realise, or simply don't care, it is also illegal here.

Did you know, in Queensland, flicking a cigarette butt out of your car can cost you a $220 fine?

Same applies to other rubbish thrown out the window, including soft drink cans and takeaway food wrappers.

Maybe instead of fines, people should be given the job of being a litter-picker for a day?

It is such a waste how we deal with our waste.

Don't waste an opportunity to Keep Australia Beautiful .