Overcrowding not the problem: Corrective Services

QUEENSLAND Corrective Services have shot down claims overcrowding in the high-security Capricornia Correction Centre led to the escape of a low-security prisoner yesterday.

A manhunt for escaped inmate Adrian Boughton, 43, came to an end last night when police arrested the CCC Low Security Prison Farm inmate in Glendale.

While Livingstone Shire councillor Glenda Mather claimed "overcrowding at the main facility" caused pressure to assess as many prisoners as possible as "low risk", a QCS spokesperson denied this was the case.


Adrian Boughton escaped from the Capricornia Correctional Centre Low Security Prison Farm
Adrian Boughton escaped from the Capricornia Correctional Centre Low Security Prison Farm Trinette Stevens

"Placement at a low security centre only occurs after a thorough assessment of suitability based on all available evidence and intelligence. The high security population is not a factor in any assessment," they said.

"As at 20 February 2017, there were 87 prisoners at the Capricornia CC low security farm.

"It has a capacity of 96. At the same time, there were 518 prisoners in high security. It has a built cell capacity of 410.

"QCS remains committed to giving prisoners the best chance of successfully reintegrating into the community through low security centres.

"Dynamic security - random patrols, head counts and searching - is employed by QCS to manage low security facilities.

"Maintaining the safety and security of all Queensland's correctional centres is always the key responsibility of Queensland Corrective Services.

"It is pertinent to remember that there has not been an escape from a high security facility since 1998."


prison07c   CI07/0308/4   Capricornia Correctional Centre
prison07c CI07/0308/4 Capricornia Correctional Centre Chris Ison

Boughton was serving 1 year 8 months for robbery with actual violence, with another six months added to his sentence when he appeared before the Rockhampton Magistrates Court this morning.

He was initially looking at an early June release date, but his parole eligibility date is now August 11, 2017.

The QCS spokesperson today said he has blown any chance of returning to the low-security centre.

"QCS is very open about the fact that low security correctional centres do not have the same level of perimeter security and barrier controls as high security," the spokesperson said.

"This is because low security is an important step for reintegration to the community.

"Escape from lawful custody is a criminal offence punishable by a maximum of seven years' imprisonment.

"Any prisoner who chooses to breach any of the conditions of low security is returned to high security. Furthermore, they do not have the privilege of being considered for low security again."

Cr Mather also made claims the prisoners had "too much time on their hands" since the piggery, dairy farm and machinery had been removed from the facility.

"While low security centres are often called 'farms' this is an historical term," the QCS spokesperson responded.

"Low security centres now provide a base from which approved prisoners undertake community service projects as part of their reintegration."

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