Alleged kidnappers get bail

TWO people are accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old Rockhampton girl and trying to force her to withdraw a rape complaint.

A man, 18, and woman, 43, faced Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Tuesday, neither entering pleas to charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice and kidnapping.

Both were granted bail but they can't be identified.

The court heard the girl, who is allegedly the victim of a rape by a man, 33, denied bail last week, had been drinking with family and friends at the Kershaw Gardens in Rockhampton on Monday afternoon.

Police prosecutor Barbara Barton said the 18 and 43-year-old had shown up with the alleged rapist's mother and began yelling at the girl, saying she was a liar and threatening her.

Ms Barton said the group continued to abuse the girl, telling her that she had to drop the charges, before forcing her into their car.

After dropping the alleged rapist's mother off, the pair allegedly drove the girl to the Rockhampton Police Station, telling her that she was to go inside and retract her statement.

Ms Barton said CCTV footage showed the vehicle dropping the girl off at the front of the station.

Ms Barton objected to bail and said the two were likely to continue to threaten the girl.

“They are aware that she is terrified of them,” Ms Barton said.

Defence solicitor Paul Wonnocott represented the 18-year-old and said he had been under the influence of amphetamines at the time of the alleged offence.

Mr Wonnocott said the girl had called the 43-year-old asking for a lift and the 18-year-old had gone along for the ride.

He said his client had not gotten out of the car and denied anyone had made any threats towards the girl.

Defence solicitor Brian McGowran represented the 43-year-old and said she also denied any claims of threatening behaviour.

Mr McGowran said the woman recalled a group of people harassing the girl when they arrived to pick her up.

Magistrate John McGrath granted both of the accused bail with several conditions, including that they report to police three times a week and have no direct or indirect contact with the girl.

They are due to appear in Rockhampton Magistrates Court again at 2pm on July 27.

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