Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk speak a SES volunteer at Rockhampton Airport.
Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk speak a SES volunteer at Rockhampton Airport. Allan Reinikka ROK310317aflood2

FLOODS: Top 5 things authorities want Rocky to know right now

WITH the inundation now only hours away, Annastacia Palaszczuk arrived in Rockhampton yesterday to hear the city's emergency plan first hand.

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The Queensland Premier's key message was for residents to heed the warnings of council and emergency services, and not waste time preparing for the major disaster.

FLOOD WARNING | Authorities deliver flood warning to Rockhampton

Rockhampton mayor Margaret Strelow, alongside other government leaders and emergency service personnel joined the Premier.

Here is the breakdown from yesterday's address:

'Beyond the experiences of anyone still alive': urgent flood warning

1. Will Rockhampton receive enough emergency support given the focus on the disaster-stricken south east?

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk:

MS Palaszczuk assured her government would do "anything we possibly can" to assist flood-affected Rockhampton locals, despite concerns resources would be stretched with flooding to the state's south east, and clean up in the north.

She said extra resources were on the way from Townsville, and talks with the local SES, police and council assured her there were enough emergency personnel.

"I am asking if they do need anything more," she said alongside local and state representatives.

"But at the moment... Rocky is used to dealing with floods, they are very well organised and I have been given confidence today having met with the Local Disaster Management Group and having met with the mayor and the local members, that there is a lot of preparations happening at the moment."

'Act now': Up to 3000 Rockhampton homes to evacuate

2. Should residents be concerned about toxic inflows after a large number of mines that discharged water into the river during the severe weather?

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk:

"AT the moment I am hearing that everything is satisfactory of course if anything changes through the authorities they will let people know."

3. What is the impact on the Rockhampton Airport?

WITH the Rockhampton Airport to go underwater at 8.5m, 20 SES workers built a barrier around the facility's control tower yesterday.

Rockhampton mayor Margaret Strelow said the airport was likely to close Monday at noon, "if not before".


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While reports have come in from southern media stating the airport would close today (Sunday, April 2), Cr Strelow today confirmed this is not the case.

"It will be closed perhaps a week, we are still a little uncertain, it will depend on the final inundation levels, but our messaging is expect it to be a week."

FLOOD WATCH: Last flight out of Rocky airport to be at 12.20pm

4. Is there the chance flows coming from the north could increase the predicted flood level?

Rockhampton mayor Margaret Strelow:

"WE'D never say no, but we do have a high degree of confidence it's within the ranges that we are talking about now," she said.

"Everyone in Rockhampton is an amateur hydrologiset, and that's great, we love our river,.

"And until it passes Riverslea we are not 100 per cent certain, but there is a high level of agreement now with the Bureau (of Meteorology), with every hydrologists that we know of and we have spoken to of both in our neighbouring local governments, Central Highlands and ourselves, that it's within that ballpark of about 9.4m, of course we would love it to come in a little bit lower, but I am not anticipating anything dramatically higher.'


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There was a seven-hour gap between flood level updates from 5am Saturday morning, is that good enough considering 115,000 people rely on the Bureau of Meteorology to stay up to date?

Mayor Margaret Strelow:

"I think we gave a good figure, yesterday afternoon at about 5pm, we are not anticipating a dramatic change from that.

"I appreciate that people want half-hourly updates, and I think they are probably getting that through social media, but we are comfortable enough with the Bureaus level of updating at this stage."

BOM reveal how long Rocky to stay major flood levels

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