Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer.
Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer.

Pearce seeks answers on Styx River

CLIVE Palmer, Queensland's own mining magnate, is getting a bit of a bashing at the moment, but this time it's not about football.

Labor Party candidate for the State seat of Mirani, Jim Pearce, yesterday called on the Liberal National Party to make public what it knew about the proposed Styx River Coal Development north of Ogmore.

He said there had been a lot of chatter around the ridges pointing to the connection between the owner of the mine, Mr Palmer, and the prospects of the LNP winning government on March 24.

"While exploration works are ongoing, the Styx River coal mine is undergoing a feasibility study to determine the long-term viability of resource recovery and export," Mr Pearce said.

"The LNP has the backing of the wealthiest man in the country, and I suspect the LNP will be back to the bad old days of putting big business ahead of community and environment."

Sitting LNP Mirani member Ted Malone said Mr Pearce had no credibility in making the unfounded accusations.

He said Mr Pearce was a member of a Labor Government that let mining and resource development go ahead in Queensland.

Mr Pearce said the mine was about 10km from the ocean waters of Broadsound where there was large inter-tidal and non-tidal wetlands, as well as growth areas of mangroves.

"People living in the area are nervous about the mine going ahead, and the environmental harm that will be caused by the interaction of coal, a clean river and ocean waters."

Mr Malone said the Labor Government had completely failed to ensure community confidence in the resource industries' ability to manage its environmental impacts.

There was no response from Mr Palmer by the time of print yesterday.

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