Tony Moore, writer and actor with Pedro the Parrot.
Tony Moore, writer and actor with Pedro the Parrot.

Pedro the Parrot will bring mate to U3A’s next meet

Tony Moore first got into music at 16 because he had a crush on the red-headed girl in the front row of the choir.

She never so much as looked at him.

But it led to a lifetime of writing and performing live theatre and music around the world.

Now he and his wife Joanna – a “sort of redhead” – have moved to live in Central Queensland, Mr Moore is keen to meet new people and learn more about the region.

He joined the local University of the Third Age chapter last year and has agreed to be its guest speaker during the May meeting.

Mr Moore’s aim is to amuse his audience with stories about the “all interesting and some famous” people he’s encountered.

In Adelaide during the 70s, for example – “when there was a garage band on every corner” – a young Mr Moore hauled speakers for Glenn Shorrock who rose to fame with the Little River Band.

He also briefly played with Jimmy Barnes.

Tony Moore, writer and actor
Tony Moore, writer and actor

Mr Moore opened his own theatre in South Australia, before enrolling in an educational theatre degree. He also worked in theatre in the UK and for a Japanese theatre company in Singapore.

Mr Moore will be “accompanied” to the May 10 U3A meeting in Rockhampton by Pedro the Parrot, a mouth puppet who headlined at the Adelaide Fringe.

“He’s a bit mouthy; nobody else really gets a word in when Pedro’s around.”

Tony and Joanna, who have been married 27 years, moved to Central University where she is studying criminology.

“The winters in Tasmania were getting to my arthritis so I was happy to move,” he said.

“We arrived late February last year… and Covid arrived a week later.”

Now that people can leave their homes for social get-togethers, Mr Moore said U3A membership was a “very, very” welcome chance to mingle.

“It gives older people a chance to share our lives and knowledge, and to talk with different people,” he said.

“I think challenging each other mentally helps keep us younger for longer.”

Tony Moore, writer and actor.
Tony Moore, writer and actor.

All are welcome to U3A Rockhampton and District Inc’s next monthly general meeting:

  • Monday 10 May
  • Frenchville Sports Club, 105 Clifton St North Rockhampton.
  • Doors will open for the meeting at 9am, for a 9:30am start.
  • Information is available on its website at

Contact can be made through the Secretary at

U3A’s postal address is PO Box 8160 Allenstown 4700.

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