Peeping tom disturbs woman having shower

SOUTH Gladstone residents beware – there’s a peeping tom on the loose in your area.

A Marten Street couple, aged in their 30s, have warned residents of Marten, Ann and Roberts Street that a prowler could be targeting the area.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, was disturbed to see a face above her bathroom window while she showered in the early hours of Sunday morning. Her partner gave chase to the man – believed to be dressed in jocks or tight shorts and a singlet – but was unable to collar the offender.

“I was shouting at him, saying I was going to smash him, and called him a weirdo,” he told The Observer.

“It’s very unsettling for us, we only moved in a few months ago. We want everyone to know this has happened and to watch out for him.”

The man said the prowler had to stand on a ledge to look through the window, which is not accessible from the ground.

Disturbingly, when the couple warned their neighbours of the incident, they learned this was not the first time the peeper had visited their area.

Another resident told The Observer two years ago she saw a man standing in her garden bed, looking through her window.

“It was about 11.30pm at night and it really frightened me. Three months later my neighbour came over and got me out of the shower after they spotted someone looking through my window.”

The prowler is believed to have been peeping through windows over the past five years, she added.

“It’s not right, he needs some help. What’s worse is you never know how far it could go. I’ve got a hockey stick by the door now.”

All three victims believe the man probably lives in the area.

Gladstone Senior Constable Glen Fletcher said police had only received a single report of a “peeping tom” in recent months.

“A resident of Marten Street reported that a man was disturbed while peering through a bathroom window. The resident attempted to locate the man and then rang police,” he said.

Police conducted patrols of the area, but the offender was not located.

“We advise any person that should they sight anyone trespassing or acting suspiciously, they should take note of the description of that person or persons, their location and direction of travel and contact the police,” he said.

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