Petrol bill turns into $800 fine for man

A MAN who avoided paying a petrol bill of $92.99 for six months has been fined $800.

Keith Howard Morrell, 43, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court Wednesday to one count of stealing and one of contravening direction of police.

Police prosecutor Madison Kurtz said Morrell told the service station attended, after he had pumped the unleaded fuel into his vehicle, that he was going home to get cash to pay for the fuel.

She said the attendant took Morrell's details.

Morrell rang the service station later that day and said his wife had spent the cash and that he would come in a few days to pay the bill. He didn't attend.

Police attended Morrell's residence on February 10 and he told them he would pay it on February 14. He didn't pay the bill.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said "if you can't afford to pay for fuel, don't go and fuel up”.

Morrell was fined $800 and ordered to pay restitution of $92.99. Convictions were recorded.