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Pitch Perfect success a complete surprise for Anna Kendrick

ANNA Kendrick thought only a "couple of nerds" would watch 'Pitch Perfect'.

The 31-year-old actress became a Hollywood superstar when she took on the lead role in the musical movie, and says she had no idea that the movie would be as successful as it was.

Asked if she expected the flick to be successful, the brunette beauty said: "No, not at all. When I read the script I was so expecting it to be something I'd seen before. I was just hoping a couple nerds would really like it."

'Pitch Perfect' went on to make Anna a cool sum of $115 million, and has since seen her reprise her role in 'Pitch Perfect 2', as well as an upcoming third instalment.

And it wasn't just the movie that spelled success for the star, as she also found herself sitting at number six in the Billboard music chart for the movie's hit song 'Cups (When I'm Gone)'.

Speaking on American news programme 'Sunday Today', Anna said: "It's so weird. I was just like, 'How is this just happening?' The other people on the charts were Miley Cyrus and Macklemore and they're out promoting and they must be like, 'What is this b******t?'

"I think it was a real testament to the nerdery that exists in the world."

But it wasn't always plain sailing for the movie star, as she previously admitted she used her small role as Jessica Stanley in the 'Twilight' saga to help "pay the bills".

She said: "Twilight mostly paid the bills because there were four of them that I got to do. They just kept hiring me. People don't realise that I get paid to make a movie and then a year goes by and then I promote it for six months. I've only got the one paycheck, and that was a year and a half ago. So 'Twilight' saved me in the sense that it was this thing that kept going.

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