Plastic-free coffee cups an Australian first


ONE roastery will be the first company in Australia to launch plastic-free takeaway coffee cups.

A Brisbane manufacturer approached Zentveld's roastery, based in the Byron Bay hinterland, to see if they would like to be the first brand to adopt the plastic-free cup.

Conscious that one billion cups are dumped into landfill each year, owner Rebecca Zentveld accepted in a heartbeat, eager to work towards an environmental cause.

The cups with a water-based coat have been designed to fit into existing recycling streams and are now being trialled in a couple of Northern Rivers cafes.

"The cups work beautifully with milk-based drinks," Ms Zentveld said.

"I would recommend a double cup for a long black."

Once coffee drinkers have their last sip, they can simply empty the cup, flatten it and place it in the home compost or recycling bin.

The rollout to at least 30 cafes across the region will begin soon.

The cups are an improvement on today's mineral-lined and polylactic acid-lined cups, but they're not the ultimate solution according to Ms Zentveld.

If coffee drinkers choose to use a lid, they would need to use a standard plastic lid with the cup.

Ms Zentveld endorses reusable cups over recyclable cups.

"Personally, I drink out of china and glass all day long, we are strong supporters of using Keep Cups," Ms Zentveld said.

"If we must have a takeaway cup, at least we can recycle the cup properly afterwards.

"It does make us all feel better if we are to offer paper cups."

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