Minister rules out plastic bag ban in Queensland

Brett Wortman

THERE will be no ban on plastic shopping bags in Queensland.

The State Government has reacted swiftly to media reports suggesting shoppers could be slugged up to $2 for bags when buying groceries.

Environment Minister Andrew Powell reportedly told a Queensland newspaper that a plastic bag ban could be part of the government's strategy for handling waste.

Having to buy their own bags to carry groceries or purchases was expected to cost between 15c and $2 for a biodegradable or reusable bag.

But the Minister has now said while plastic bags were being discussed as part of its plans, shoppers would not foot the bill.

In a statement, Mr Powell said no measure would be introduced if it cost Queenslanders more money.

"We will continue to encourage people to recycle but there is absolutely no suggestion this would involve introducing a charge to taxpayers of any kind."

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