Siege man makes brief appearance in court

12.20PM UPDATE: ADIN Joel Cussen, 29, has made a brief appearance in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court.

No application for bail was made.

The matter was adjourned to October 17.

3.30AM: A 29-year-old man is facing a string of charges in a Rockhampton court today after a two-day siege in the Mt Morgan area in which he allegedly fired upon police during a chase.

 Police said it would be alleged that at around midday on Wednesday, shots were fired at a police vehicle as it was attempting to intercept a vehicle on the Burnett Highway, Bouldercombe.

It will be further alleged that police have then commenced a search for the man after he fled the vehicle near a property in the Mount Morgan area.

An emergent situation was declared around 6pm on Wednesday night and was revoked at 3.25am on Thursday following a fire in the area.

A man was taken into custody around 4pm on Thursday.

A 29-year-old Park Avenue man has been charged with one count each of assault occasioning bodily harm, going armed as to cause fear, unlawful possession of a weapon, wilful damage, failure to stop a motor vehicle and driving without a licence and two counts each of acts intended to resist arrest and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle

He is due to appear in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Friday.

Investigations are continuing.

4.40PM: PARAMEDICS are assessing the condition of Adin Joel Cussen, who has been captured after a two-day siege in the Mount Morgan area.

Cussen does not have any serious injuries, according to the Queensland Ambulance Service, and the assessment is purely precautionary.

4.15PM: THE gunman at the centre of a two day police chase has reportedly been apprehended.

More to come.

2pm: REPORTS indicate police are about to move in on a gunman hiding at a property at Mount Morgan.

Meanwhile, QPS have tweeted that access to Mount Morgan is only available through the Mount Morgan Range. Closures on Razorback Rd.

1pm: A CHOPPER is currently flying overhead the area where it is believed a gunman is hiding at Mount Morgan.

Reporters on the ground have tweeted the development.

Earlier today, police said two shots were fired yesterday at police during the chase of the gunman, Adin Joel Cussen.

Capricornia District Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow said it was an extremely dangerous situation.

He spoke with the media at 10am this morning, saying 15 detectives were involved in the search for the 29-year-old.

Mount morgan gunman adin Joel Cussen
Mount morgan gunman adin Joel Cussen

Watch the video from this morning's press conference: 


Meanwhile, police are suited up in bullet proof vests and firefighters hold back as fire burns down a shed and a house is under threat.


12.50pm: Ergon crews have had to leave the site of a damaged pole and postpone power restoration in the Struck Oil area near Mt Morgan under Police direction with the current siege situation occurring.  

Ergon Energy Central Region Corporate Communications Manager Bob Pleash said around 92 customers are currently without supply as result of the pole being almost burnt down by an intentionally lit fire.

Crews will resume power restoration in the area when it is safe to do so and emergency services give the all clear to return to the site.

12:45PM: NEIGHBOURS of where it is believed a gunman is holed up in Mount Morgan have told TV crews the situation is terrifying.

WIN TV reported the information via Twitter:

Another report indicates the house in which the gunman is believed to be hiding right now belongs to a resident who is away receiving cancer treatment.

11.55am: TWO residents have evacuated from the area where it is believed an armed man is held up in a house.

The man led police on a chase from Rockhampton to Mount Morgan about lunch time yesterday and abandoned the vehicle at a property on the Burnett Highway, near the Leydens Hill Rd and Struck Oil Rd.

Fires have been burning in the area since and firefighters have been trying to save homes under the protection of the police who are hunting the armed man, Adin Joel Cussen.

Reports indicate a rural firefighter was shot at about 30 mins ago and police have cordoned off the area.

It is believed the shots came from a house on the corner of Leydens Hill Rd and Queen of the Valley Rd.

A fire has engulfed a shed behind the house.

There are reports of fire threatening homes in the area.

11.25am: Rural brigade firefighter was fired upon and he believed the shots came from the residence, however, no one has been sighted.

Location where shots fired from at Mount Morgan siege
Location where shots fired from at Mount Morgan siege

11.20am: REPORTS indicate shots have been fired from a house in the area where the gunman was last seen in Mount Morgan yesterday.

It is believed the shots have come from a house on the corner of Queen of the Valley Rd and Leydens Hill Rd.

Emergency services are responding and blocking off the area.

11.05am: THERE has been no sightings of Cusson since the police pursuit yesterday.

Capricornia District Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow said it was an extremely dangerous situation.

"He has displayed a high propensity for violence," he said.

"He's fired upon police during the pursuit yesterday.

"I don't want to be alarmist in relation to it, he hasn't shown propensity to violence to members of the public."

Shadlow didn't want to speculate about whether Cusson lit the fire but said they hadn't ruled it out.

"It is a fair coincidence that we were in that area, he was in that area and the fire ignited," he said.

Police are also asking people in the area to check for any stolen property and report any thefts to police.

If you sight Cusson do not approach him and contact 000 immediately.

10.40am: POLICE have released the image of a 29-year-old man wanted in relation to the incidents that occurred in Rockhampton and Mount Morgan yesterday.

Capricornia District Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow said police are continuing the search for Adin Joel Cussen (pictured above) this morning.

"He is considered armed and dangerous. Members of the public are asked not to approach him and to call 000 immediately if he is sighted."

Around midday yesterday it is alleged shots were fired at police officers during a vehicle pursuit on the Burnett Highway Bouldercombe.

Then an emergent situation was declared around 6pm near the Burnett Highway, Razorback Road and Poison Creek Road after the man was believed to be hiding in the area. The emergent situation was revoked early this morning.

"Police would like to remind residents to be vigilant as they go about their travels / business in the Mount Morgan and Rockhampton areas." Detective Inspector Shadlow said.

Anyone that may have information about Adin Cussen that may assist police are asked to contact Crime Stoppers.

9.30am: POLICE are expected to give the media an update on the hunt for a gunman in Mt Morgan shortly.

7.30am: A CAR chase and subsequent siege at Mount Morgan in central Queensland has ended but police are still hunting the gunman involved.

The suspect was understood to be carrying a rifle with scope, laser and 50 rounds of ammunition plus a handgun.


LATEST: Gunman 'bashed' partner before chase, siege

TIMELINE: How the Rockhampton manhunt unfolded

Police had cordoned off an area between the Burnett Highway, Razorback Road and Poison Creek Road following a car chase in which the driver fired at officers.

The siege zone was created where the chase ended.  

As the siege wore on, parts of the area were also threatened by a bushfire that has damaged two caravans, two sheds and machinery.  

Roads in the area were blocked, reopening by 3.25am.

In a statement shortly before 5am, police confirmed they were yet to find the man involved.

It is understood police began looking for the man on Tuesday after he allegedly threatened a woman with a firearm.

Officers found the man on Fitzroy Street, near the centre of Rockhampon, about 11am on Wednesday.

He allegedly fired three shots in the air, before fleeing in a silver Prado.

Police pursued the man, but abandoned the chase when he reached speeds of 170 km/h.

Officers later spotted the Prado parked outside a property on Razorback Road at Bouldercombe, south-west of Rockhampton.

The fires are under control, and police are investigations are continuing to locate a man who is alleged to be involved in the situation.

All roads in the area are opened, but visibility is currently poor due to smoke in the area.

Police have urged anyone with information to contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 


Caravans, vehicles lost in bushfire in CQ siege zone

7.20pm: Up to 30 police are maintaining containment lines around 6ha of thick bushland on a property where an armed gunman is believed to be holed up.

Police said no houses had been badly damaged in the bushfire however cars and caravans had been destroyed.

Police will remain on scene "until the matter is resolved''.

6.08: POLICE say up to four properties have been damaged by a bushfire burning in the Bouldercombe area, south-west of Rockhampton. 

A declaration has been made under the Public Safety Preservation Act and includes an area between the Burnett HIghway, Razorback Road and Poison Creek Road. 

Residents in the area have been evacuated.

The bushfire follows an earlier incident where shots were allegedly fired at a police vehicle during a pursuit on the Burnett Highway around midday.

Police remain at the scene in Bouldercome. 

5.20pm: AT LEAST two caravans and two houses have been lost due to a bushfire in a siege zone where an armed gunman is still on the loose.

Minor structural damage to one of the houses, but none of the houses have been destroyed, according to one report.

Three cars have also been lost in the fire and a boat has received minor damage.

One house was photographed by WIN TV before the fire engulfed it.

Firefighters have completed a back burn along the western side of the bushfire and are carrying out a 1km back burn along the southern front now.

All homes in the Leydens Hill Rd/ Burnett Highway and Struck Oil Rd area have been evacuated.

An evacuation centre has been set up at the Bouldercombe State School.

4.10pm: TWO houses have been evacuated and police are moving to evacuate in the siege area.

Reports indicate the fire that has engulfed a caravan, a 4WD and a house has jumped the road near Struck Oil Rd as police continue the hunt for an armed man.

New reports indicate the man shot at police in Fitzroy St earlier, then led them on a high speed chase through Rockhampton and up to Mount Morgan where an area is now under siege, with a burning bushfire in the siege zone.

3.55pm: A CARAVAN with gas cylinders is on fire, fully involved, at the location of a siege situation in Central Queensland.

Reports indicate there is also a 4WD on fire and a house on the opposite side of the Burnett Highway.

These structures are located on the corner of Leydens Hill Rd and the Burnett Highway.

Firefighters have entered the siege zone under the protection of police.

3.45pm: FIREFIGHTERS are moving to battle a possible house fire on the corner of Burnett Hwy and Leydens Hill Rd.

The firefighters have been guaranteed protection of the Queensland Police Service from an armed gunman in the area.

3.20PM: FIREFIGHTERS are on standby at a blockage to a siege in Mount Morgan as the armed offender has a scope on a rifle and deemed dangerous.

A fire has been burning in the vinciny of the blockade for a number of hours and it is believed it is now threatening a home.

3.10PM: ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council maintenance crews have had to abandon roadworks in the Mount Morgan area due to the ongoing hunt for an armed man.

The council has just issued this statement from CEO Evan Pardon: "Rockhampton Regional Council would like to advise motorists that due to an urgent request from Queensland Police, a work crew has had to leave a repair job on the steep section of Razorback Road, Mount Morgan. As a result, a 10m long gravel patch remains unrepaired and motorists are advised to adhere to the 'Traffic Hazard' warning signs and drive to the 40km speed limit."

2.40pm: POLICE have not yet located an armed man involved in a high speed chase that finished on the Burnett Highway today.

The man is believed to be carrying a rifle with a scope and laser, 50 rounds of ammunition and a handgun.

He was involved in high speed chase that went near the duckponds at the Botanic Gardens at The Range at one point.

He then drove on the wrong side of the road towards Yeppen and headed to Bouldercombe, doing speeds in excess of 170kms an hour.

Reports indicate he drove past Bouldercombe State School doing 120kms/hour and at one point, sideswiped a vehicle towing a caravan.

Police have located the silver Prado the man was driving and are searching an area around Leydens Hill Rd and Queen of the Valley Rd, where there is also a bushfire underway.

Police earlier closed Razorback Rd, but it has since been reopened to local traffic only.

1.35pm: A NEGOTIATOR has been called into a siege situation between Bouldercombe and Mount Morgan.

Reports indicate police have positively identified a silver Prado parked at the side of house they suspected the armed offender was driving through the region earlier.

Police have set up a command center at Razorback Rd which has been closed to traffic for some time.

1pm: POLICE are getting ready to move in on a property they believe an armed suspected is located.

The property is located on the Burnett Highway. Reports indicate the property is outside Bouldercombe.

Reports indicate police can see a silver Prado parked next to the house, but are unable to get close enough to determine if it is the vehicle that was involved in a high speed car chase from Rockhampton through Yeppen, Mount Morgan and Bouldercombe.

Police armed with rifles and the dog squad are involved.

12.40pm: POLICE are shutting down Razorback Rd as one crew reports they may have found the target vehicle parked at a property.


12.30pm: Police believe they have an armed man involved in a high speed chase in the Rockhampton region boxed in.

It is believed the man may be in the vicinity of the Clarence St, Mount Morgan area.

Reports indicate the driver has a firearm with a scope and laser, 50 rounds of ammunition and handgun.


12.20pm: IT is believed the vehicle is in the Mount Morgan area, heading back towards Bouldercombe now.

It has sideswiped a vehicle during the chase, with two people now in shock.


12.05pm: LATEST reports indicate the vehicle is headed towards Bouldercombe, doing in excess of 150km/hr.

It is also believed the driver has a firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition.


Noon: POLICE are chasing a vehicle through Rockhampton.

The last report was the vehicle was on the wrong side of the road, going towards Yeppen roundabout.

Doing 120km/hr and over taking cars.


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