Duane Warcon.
Duane Warcon.

Pressure to appeal Warcon verdict

IF police prosecutors are going to appeal the sentence of Rockhampton glassing thug Duane Warcon, they will have to submit paperwork today.

A spokesman for the Queensland Police Service said yesterday the matter was still under consideration and had not been ruled out.

It was acknowledged that the department understood the dead-line for an appeal was today.

Warcon walked free from Rockhampton Magistrates Court in early September even though he admitted smashing a beer glass into the side of Douglas Robertson's face in an unprovoked attack at the Allenstown Hotel.

Mr Robertson needed 40 stitches in his wounds and will be scarred for life. He was told a deep gash in his neck missed his jugular vein by a few millimetres and if it had been severed he would have bled to death.

The 17-year-old's family had been warned to expect that he would go to jail, but Magistrate Cameron Press sentenced Warcon to 10 months' probation.

The lightness of the sentence triggered an angry and sustained response from Morning Bulletin readers, the victim, councillors, state politicians and the Queensland Police Union.

A deluge of letters and text messages to The Bully expressed outrage at the inconsistency of the judiciary.

An appeal can be raised by police prosecutors on the grounds that the punishment was insufficient given the severity of the crime.

The LNP and others have called for mandatory jail time for anyone convicted of such a brutal assault irrespective of previous good behaviour or whether it was a first offence.

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