Police investigate dog shooting

Lisa Little from Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery with Bridget who was shot in the head over the weekend by someone at Booral.
Lisa Little from Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery with Bridget who was shot in the head over the weekend by someone at Booral. Alistair Brightman

HERVEY Bay detectives are investigating what appears to be a premeditated shooting of a pet dog at Booral.

Pamela Agnew said neighbours found her neapolitan mastiff, Bridget, bleeding from the head shortly before 9am on Sunday.

Incredibly, the dog survived the gunshot wound and remained in the care of a local vet.

Ms Agnew said two days prior to the attack, she'd found an anonymous note in her mailbox issuing a warning to her family.

"If your dogs come into my garden for the third time, you will never see your dogs again," it said.

Ms Agnew, who with her partner and two young children only moved into their house six weeks ago, described the attack as "sick" and "cowardly".

"I think it's sick, really sick," Ms Agnew said.

"I can't do anything until we actually build a fence and the neighbours know that.

"I've tried chaining the dogs up but they just snap the chains.

"They're beautiful dogs, they wouldn't hurt anyone.

"I do understand that she shouldn't have been out in people's yards, but that doesn't give anybody the right to do what they've done."

Ms Agnew, an animal lover who has worked with local pet rescue organisations, said she now fears for her safety and that of her two kids, Morgan, four, and Gregor, two.

She is also concerned for the family's second dog, Bundy.

"It just makes you wonder what type of place you're living in.

"Every car that drives past I wonder if it's that person.

"To think they've actually been here to put something in my letterbox, they know where I live but I don't know who they are."

Hervey Bay vet Ron McKay yesterday said Bridget the dog was feeling "sore and sorry for herself" but was expected to make a full recovery.

"The bullet entered just below the right eye, went through her cheekbone and basically disintegrated in the jaw.

"It didn't exit the head and it didn't explode.

"We're not ballistics experts, but we presume it's been shot with a .22 calibre rifle."

Police are investigating the attack and ask anyone with information to call (07) 4123 8111 or 1800 333 000.

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