A POLICE negotiator who attended a 24-hour siege, which ended with a man being shot by police, thought a colleague was “going to die”, a court heard yesterday.

Negotiator 1, whose name has been suppressed by the court, said she thought a sergeant would be killed when being chased by Kieron Jay Oates, who was carrying a knife and machete.

A committal hearing entered its second day at the Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday.

During the siege, which started on June 15 last year, the negotiator told the court, she was concerned for the safety of Oates as she was “convinced he was going to die from internal bleeding” after he had said he’d taken a large amount of warfarin, a drug that lowers the blood’s ability to form clots.

The court heard police had used a number of tactics to try to check whether Oates was still alive.

Moments before Oates chased the two police officers up the driveway, Negotiator 1 said the officers had been underneath the house knocking on the floorboards with a piece of wood.

Another witness to testify yesterday, Senior Sergeant Melissa Adams, said the negotiators were on the loud speaker and another officer was yelling at the house when Oates emerged with a knife and machete.

Negotiator 1 told the court Oates came “flying down the stairs like a gazelle”, jumped over a rotary hoe and chased one officer up the driveway.

“I thought (the sergeant) was going to die,” she said.

On Monday, June 15, while Negotiator 1 was at the scene in the day time, she knew rocks had been thrown onto the roof of a neighbouring shed and onto a wooden fence of the house to try to get him to yell out or move back into a position where police could see him.

She said Oates had told police, “You’ve gotta come in and get me.”

Two constables who first responded to a triple-0 call from Oates’s address told the court he had held a knife towards Senior Sergeant Ralph Faria before turning it back on himself after he spotted them.

Constable Edwards said she heard Oates yell words to the effect of, “Don’t use your taser, just shoot me,” while Constable Richardson said she remembered hearing “lots of screaming”, including words to the effect of “shoot me”, “kill me” and “taser me, because it will kill me”.

Constable Richardson also told the court she had asked for Oates to be uncuffed as ambulance officers were having difficulty treating his gunshot wounds.

Negotiator 1 said Oates’s wife and parents had informed her he had been prescribed anti-depressants by his doctor.

Oates is charged with attempted murder and has not yet been required to enter a plea. His committal continued yesterday evening.

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