Police release CCTV in a bid to track down a heroin dealer who detectives believe are responsible for at least one fatal overdose in the Rockdale area.

Lethal heroin dose has cops on edge over drug deals

JUST hours after an alleged drug dealer was captured on CCTV footage walking through a car park on his way to sell heroin, the 37-year-old man believed to have bought the lethal deal died from an overdose.

A man, captured on CCTV, wanted over a fatal heroin overdose
A man, captured on CCTV, wanted over a fatal heroin overdose

After hours of trawling through CCTV footage they discovered the suspected dealer on camera on October 16 last year but believe he is still active in the area and responsible for the sale of heroin which has led to other overdoses, although not fatal.

"Targeting the availability and supply of drugs in our community is a major focus for police. We are committed to do everything we can to tackle the issue but we can't do it alone," St George local Area Commander Peter Thurtell.

"I would urge anyone with information about the supply or manufacture of heroin to tell us, and just as importantly, talk to your kids about how dangerous this drug is; that it destroys lives.

"Any death from this drug is a tragedy and we want to avoid further pain for people and the families they leave behind," Supt Th

Police releasing the CCTV footage will help identify the suspected drug dealer and lead to his arrest.

The man depicted in the vision has been described as being of Caucasian appearance with grey hair; at the time, he was wearing a dark grey shirt, jean shorts and running shoes.