OPINION: Political feuds are undermining CQ’s prospects

WHEN you are elected to public office you have a responsibility to look after the best interests of your community.

Sometimes those in public office have to swallow a bitter political pill to get the best outcome for their community.

However I suspect there are some who tend to spend too much time and energy seeking point-scoring opportunities rather than positive public outcomes.

Instead of looking at an infrastructure proposal with an open mind and a pragmatic approach, their first reaction - if it's across political divide - is to view it with hostility, suspicion and then look for a chance to undermine it.

How often do we see this in state and federal politics as opponents sledge each other with extreme accusations of the enemy being the worst government or opposition in history?

Here we sit in Central Queensland in the throes of the resource slump and the loss of thousands of jobs looking somewhere for a government- inspired economic trigger.

What we do have in the pipeline is a host of gilt-edged plans, proposals and ideas either underway or in the mix.

I'll name a few:

Tower Holdings $600m eco resort development (allegedly needs a casino licence).

$50m levee bank proposal to protect South Rockhampton.

$600m Eden Bann and Rookwood weir projects to progress the Lower Fitzroy food bowl/feedlots plan.

The nation building The Gap dam.

Mt Archer adventure park/tourism plan.

Quay St revamp (underway but needs federal funding).

Yeppoon foreshore (underway but needs federal funding).

Bruce Hwy upgrade to allow cattle road trains to connect with the North Rockhampton meatworks.

When these kinds of ideas and projects are floated, let's give them a fair chance to be discussed in a positive frame of mind rather than looking sideways for a lynch mob to run with.

Just imagine if most of these were underway right now?

Of course such projects must be assessed as viable before they can proceed.

That was the benefit of the $5m Rockhampton Transport Corridor study which paved the way for the $175m Yeppen South crossing.

But if we had got the $1billion option (with a bridge crossing behind the Berserkers) the cattle truck problem would have been solved.

Just a thought.

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