LNP candidate Ted O'Brien says Clive Palmer is
LNP candidate Ted O'Brien says Clive Palmer is "missing in action". Brett Wortman

LETTER OF THE DAY: Poor attendance from pollies inexcusable

WHY are our politicians being paid ludicrous salaries to represent their electorates, with no-one attending 100% of the time?

If employees turned up to work at the rate politicians do, they would be sacked.

The antics in federal parliament are reminiscent of pre-schoolers arguing and throwing tantrums.

Clive Palmer's record is 6.1% attendance, demonstrating a lack of interest in his electorate and its issues.

It is blatantly obvious that he is all about feathering his own nest and scaling back public confidence in the government status quo.

All politicians' promises have come to nought, as the cost of keeping them in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed rises.

Privatisation of assets like the post office and utilities, their answers to budget woes, translate to some of the highest charges in western world.

Executives and their bureaucracies are draining the profits. We are getting political burnout, with one-hit wonders the norm.

They cannot claw back the failing budgets, the legacy of previous governments, despite the hype.