'No' leads the way in poll about school zone speed limits

WEDNESDAY 10.40AM: OVER 100 votes have been cast so far in an online poll about speed limits in school zones.

As of 10.30am today, just over half of the votes were for not decreasing the speed limit to 25km/hr in Queensland school zones. The poll opened on Monday.

The poll closes at Noon on Friday.

TUESDAY 4PM:  "THERE is not enough time (in 40km zones) to stop suddenly if a child was to run in front of you," Kellie Evans posted on the discussion on Facebook about the worst School Zones in the region.

"In South Australia all school zones are 25km/hr and it works."

We asked readers to vote in our online poll: Do you think school zones in Queensland should be reduced to 25km/hr like South Australia?

Do you think school zones in Queensland should be reduced to 25km/hr like South Australia?

This poll ended on 27 November 2015.

Current Results







This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Here are some of the comments they posted on Facebook:

Leyland Barnett - 40km/hr in school zones works fine, reducing it to 25km/hr will increase the risk of impatient drivers doing crazy things in the school zones. A speed limit is set for a safe enough speed for drivers using a road at a certain time. You should always drive to the conditions and you may have to reduce your speed to 10km/hr in some circumstances.
Teena Evans - If your that impatient dont drive through school zones. Sure there is an alternative route.
Leyland Barnett - Understand one thing, "Drive to the Conditions". Speed limits are just that....
Pamela Finn - 25km/h work fine in SA they'd work great here especially for all the arrogant drivers whom think they are above the law and continue to speed through school zones even when the lights are flashing.
Leyland Barnett - If you think 25km/hr is a great thing for our school zones, then make sure there is enough police to patrol these areas when the idiots start to break the law in droves....
Kellie Evans - Anything can happen as to why a child will run across the road, they might drop a ball, see a friend, see their parents/grandparents ANYTHING so I still believe that 25km should be in place. The problem is everyone is in to much of a hurry and 100 mt of driving at 25km is not going to destroy your day but killing a child will haunt you for ever. I would rather be safe than sorry so I actually do 25km instead of 40km in any school zone I go through when I'm taking my daughter to kindy and will continue to do so.
For people complaining that they are busy and trying to get to work, leave 5 min earlier.
Adele Minns - We have 40 km limit on school zones on Victoria and we also have crossing supervisors when kids are going to and from school. That works quite well.
David Waddell - So where are all the poor little children being run over in 40 Klm zones? Or is this just a case of " someone's opinion?
It's my opinion that 40 klms is safer than 50 klms , 30 klm's is safer the 40, 20 safer than 30, 10 safer than 20, even safer still would be 0 speed limit in school zones......wouldn't be real practical though would it, lol
Rae Kelly - I'm in Western Sydney and our school zones are 40 and perfectly fine, then again, we've also got a few school zones that have cops around at that time also a few with speed cameras.
Maureen Halligan - Why not teach kids the road rules.;
Sonia Mishra - How can you expect from a child who is 5 or 6 year old to understand the road rules.. being an adult driver it is our responsibility to stay more alert in school zones...
Hurell Lucieer - Which people do already. Also, as a parent, take on the responsibility of teaching your child road safety and escort them to school if need be. It's not the government who should be responsible for your child exhibiting safe behaviour, it's you as a parent.
Rae Kelly - Children around 5 or 6 should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling or a teacher if that could be arranged. I was taught and understood road rules when I was 5 or 6
Rae Kelly - I do think kids these days need to be educated more on road rules
Valarie Hawkins - you have all obviously never worked with kids ! you can teach them road rules till you are blue in the face BUT kids will be kids , they do dumb things and forget to use the rules
Hurell Lucieer - Guess what, we were all kids at one stage, we learnt and we're still alive. Adding more and more rules won't change a thing.
Nick Lotarski - I am pretty sure that most kids get taught about crossing the road safely in kindy and preschool. So if those kids are being taught correctly, then there should be no reason to reduce the speed limit in school zones less than the 40km/h limit.
Valarie Hawkins - as I said Nick , you have obviously never worked with kids , I do work with kids and they always do dumb stuff no matter how much you tell them to do the right thing
Robynne Walsh - A lot more trafic now,and alot more drivers who dont seem to have the time to slow down for a couple of minutes it take to drive through a school zone.
Jody Bayntun - I think kids these days are more clueless. Because of our way of life these days where kids are constantly under surveillance by one adult or another they are actually not expected to know how to do these things as parents drop them off on the right side of the road.

Read more of the discussion here: 

"There is not enough time (in 40km zones) to stop suddenly if a child was to run in front of you," Kellie Evans posted...

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Sunday, 22 November 2015

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