POLL: Stefanovic, Bieber and Cyrus are third most annoying

IF an online poll run by APN is anything to go by, Karl Stefanovic may want to tone down his behaviour a bit - he is equally annoying as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

But... the Australian TV presenter isn't as bad as famous--for-being-on-reality-TV star Kim Kardashian.

Kim received a whopping 41% of the votes so far (as of 1.30pm today) compared to Stefanovic's, Bieber's and Cyrus' 7%.

Even her husband is more annoying than the 7% trio - Kayne got 12% of the votes.

The poll closes at noon tomorrow.

MONDAY: EVERYONE has that one celebrity, or group of celebrities, that they just can't stand.

The Bulletin asked readers which celebrity annoyed them the most. Here are their responses:

  • Tracy Jaggard - Kardashians and all hanger oners
  • Awhina J Williams - The Kardashiens grrrrrrr
  • Maureen Halligan - any Kardashian and assorted relatives
  • Penny Positive O'Donnell - Kardashians and extended family and affiliates
  • Caitlin Macdonald - Deltra Goodrem
  • Billie Fraser - Kardashian
  • Sally Woo - Justin Bieber
  • Cheryl Erickson Karaban - Delta Goodrum

We have created a poll of some of the responses (We didn't have photos of all those nominated) and would like readers to vote for the celebrity that annoys them the most out of this list:


  • Kobe Barrett - Kim Kardashian
  • Tara Maddocks - Kanye West
  • Terese Turner - Definitely KARDASHIANS
  • Valarie Hawkins - Kardashians of course !!!!!
  • Melody Gee - John Lovtiz and Sarah Chalke (Elliot from Scrubs)
  • Lesley Wogand - Tom cruise
  • David Couper - Gus Gould or Andrew Johns take your pick.
  • Melissa Winch - Taylor Swift. ...arghhh
  • Courteney Lowry - Donald Trump.
  • Kathy Turnbull - Redfoo & Rodney Dangerfield


  • Kate Stephenson - Any Kardashian/Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Jill Harbeck - any of the Kardashians , the sad thing is I never read about them yet I know about them frown emoticon
  • Imanii Malone - Iggy azalea or however u spell it's name
  • Read more nominations and vote for the worst online.
  • Brooke Treagus - Kardashian's
  • Sandi Brown - Kardashians are B listers not worth mentioning Steve Martin, Jim Carey and Will Farrell are funny in small doses... But the world has been overdosed
  • Rosemary Platen - Anything Kardashian, Delta Goodrum
  • Melissa Winch - Taylor Swift. ...arghhh
  • Shaun O'Leary - Most of them.
  • Michelle Peacock - miley frown emoticon
  • Bridget Patten - Kardashian/jenners
  • Justin Davis - Die Antwoord. But not in a bad way, I get annoyed I can't stop listening.
  • Kerri Groves - Kaitlan Jenner - what a poser!!!
  • Teena Evans - I dont think of them that much. And avoid TV. Problem solved
  • Col Smith - Trump
  • Sue Duffy - Sam Armitage.....and of course the Kardashians......
  • Judy Birt - Jennifer Aniston. It's always "boo hoo, poor me" with her.
  • Bev Rose - karl stevanovic
  • Dale Simpson - Adolf Hitler
  • Reanna Piddick - Its a toss up between miley cyrus or lady gaga

Read all the nominations here:

RANDOM QUESTION: Which celebrity annoys you the most?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Friday, 14 August 2015

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