POLL: Is workplace bullying a big problem in Central Qld?

A READER wrote in a Letter to the Editor this week " I was rather disturbed to see a much older staff member publicly berate a junior staff member, in full view of the public, and at one point raising his hand and telling the young man to shut up."

Read the full letter here: READER: Young staff shouldn't have to put up with abuse

The Bulletin asked other readers via Facebook if they thought workplace bullying was a problem in Central Queensland.

Here are some of their responses:

  • Theresa Murphy - Not just young staff either
  • Karen Bryant - It's not just young staff that are bullied
  • Joanne Coulter - And not just employees.
  • Carmen Challen - And not just with paid staff. Volunteers are bullied too
  • Margie Duke - Older people are currently bullying at my workplace, so it's not just young people being bullied or young people doing the bullying. Older people do it too.
  • Lesley Bligh - School principals are the worst and education queensland do nothing about it even when it is reported through the right channels...they need a cleanout in education qld...the bullies and their protectors wanna get!
  • Lacey Egerton - Unfortunately it is tolerated, & ignored, most often, by upper management

Do you think workplace bullying is a big problem in Central Queensland?

This poll ended on 30 November 2015.

Current Results

Yes, it is a big problem


It is a problem in Central Queensland, but no more than anywhere else in Australia




This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

  • Shayney Hall - And once upon a time, being in a union was something wonderful which provided support and a fight for rights... Sadly it's not as strong as it used to be!!
  • Lacey Egerton - Agreed Shayney Hall. Unfortunately though, I was a salary employee so no union support. You would also think being employed by an 'Employer of Choice' bullying would definitely not be tolerated but that wasn't the case
  • Sarah Pratt - Even worse when its the union bullying the employees- big problem in mining
  • Keith Hutton - The decline of unionism amongst younger workers disempowers them and leaves them vulnerable to unscrupulous managers. Young workers need to understand how much unions have achieved. Join a union and support you colleagues. Just dont get all militant and out of control.
  • Tanya Mcmullen - same thing happened at woolworths here in rockhampton with my son that has a disability, and he started to have panic attacks and depression , with a lady that had been there for 20 years, and other staff members told me what she had been doing , and to scared to say something to her ... i think its a form of being a big bully. and they dont relise how it effects the person's life............

Read more comments here:

Is workplace bullying a big problem in Central Queensland? http://ow.ly/V31V0

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

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