Pound puts down 220 cats, dogs

Nearly all the animals impounded during April and not reclaimed by their owners were destroyed.
Nearly all the animals impounded during April and not reclaimed by their owners were destroyed. Jeremy Sollars

THERE has been little let-up in the number of cats and dogs being put down at the Rockhampton Animal Pound.

A month after the council revealed that it had culled 189 cats and 121 dogs during March – figures which caused shock and anguish to the region’s animal lovers – a new report shows the killing continued apace in April.

Of the 320 animals impounded, 155 cats and 65 dogs were put down.

The compliance report also sheds light on the escalating problem of dog attacks.

In April, council staff investigated 69 alleged attacks, 41 of them on people and 28 involving other animals.

It’s the highest number recorded in a single month, a big increase on February and March and more than twice as many as were reported in April 2010.

Councillors were told that many of the attacks did not involve anyone suffering physical harm but that fear suffered by those encountering a snarling roaming dog was sufficient to warrant an inquiry.

Staff have received additional training in relation to dog attacks.

Council enforcement officers have recently ramped up their activities to seize strays from the streets.

Of the 65 dogs that were euthanised in April, 38 of them were unclaimed after seizure and 27 were surrendered by owners.

After the reaction to last month’s disturbing report, councillors promised to work more closely with other authorities to find new homes for the strays and unwanted pets that find their way to “death row”.

The Morning Bulletin was told that during April only seven of the hundreds of animals taken to the pound were successfully rehoused.

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