Youfoodz couple in expletive-laden tirade against Asians

THE founder of meal delivery giant Youfoodz and his fiancee have been caught out making and posting culturally insensitive videos involving Asian people while attending a global leadership event in Singapore.

Jordana Stott, the girlfriend of Brisbane-based Youfoodz founder Lance Giles, filmed and appeared to impersonate Asian people in an expletive-laden tirade filmed while the couple were overseas.

The video, posted to Ms Stott's Instagram account film-fashion-wine and obtained by The Courier-Mail, shows a series of clips in the 30-second video, which is understood to have been posted at the weekend.

In the first clip, Ms Stott is sitting in a restaurant with Mr Giles when she records a couple sitting at another table.

While the other diner is watching a video about origami on his phone Ms Stott can be heard saying; "f**king origami mate, f**king origami".

In the second clip, a group of people are taking a photo in what is thought to be the rooftop pool of Marina Bay Sands when Ms Stott can again be heard commenting in a supposed Asian accent.

"Get it c*nts, f**king get the photo, oh f**king yeah she-shing," she said.

Lance Giles and Jordana Stott
Lance Giles and Jordana Stott


Mr Giles told The Courier-Mail he and Ms Stott regretted their actions.

"Watching this back makes us feel pretty lousy," he said.

"What we thought was light-hearted, is unpleasant and not funny.

"Jordana and I would like to assure everyone that this isolated incident does not portray the way we feel or act on a day-to-day basis."

Mr Giles, who is due to speak at the Global Restaurant Leadership summit in Singapore today, said his behaviour was in poor taste.

"We deeply apologise for any offence this misjudgment has caused," he said.

Mr Giles founded Youfoodz in 2012 and the business now produces 65,000 meals a day for customers nationwide.

Horrified viewers contacted The Courier-Mail to slam the actions of the young couple.

"It's horrible that a brand that promotes wellness and togetherness through there campaigns and promotions can be so insensitive to other cultures, considering they employ a lot of workers of Asian descent too," one viewer said.

A source close to Ms Stott believed the video was later deleted.

"It was there but then I think it blew up and she set her account to private and blocked everyone," the friend said.

"They're in Singapore and that sort of stuff's definitely not on when you're a guest in a foreign country."


The video shows women in a rooftop pool.
The video shows women in a rooftop pool.


A couple at a neighbouring table feature in the video.
A couple at a neighbouring table feature in the video.


Ms Stott, who fronted a Doritos commercial in 2009, lists herself as an actor, model, dancer and teacher in an online talent directory.

According to her talent profile, she can speak in an Australian, UK English, California or a southern US accent.

In June Mr Giles said the company's sales would surpass $250 million but declined to give detailed profitability figures.

Youfoodz, which is run out of a factory in Virginia in Brisbane's northern suburbs, has been laying off staff, accused of not paying staff superannuation, been subjected to a shareholder lawsuit, an unfair sacking claim by an ex-staffer and a bitter legal stoush with a supplier over unpaid bills.

Mr Giles said he was forced "to make a number of staff redundancies due to a number of projects being finalised" and increasing wages costs.

He denied falling behind in his superannuation obligations.

"We can confirm that all superannuation assessments have correctly been lodged with the ATO and are being paid regularly," he said.

Penny Burt, the CEO of University of Melbourne think-tank Asia Link, said racism continued to diminish society.

"Australia's growing Asian Australian community makes a very important contribution to our community as a whole - across all walks of life - which needs to be recognised and respected. Australia's diversity is a strength," she said.

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