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Prison laptop spurs evidence concerns

A BARRISTER has claimed "ancient” prison technology may interfere with her client's right to a fair trial.

Blair Edward Campbell, who is charged with 78 offences under the drugs misuse act, has been held in the Arthur Goorie Correctional Centre in Brisbane for the last 11 months and made his first bail application last Friday.

Defence barrister Claire Grant alleged to the court when she visited Mr Campbell in the correctional centre to review the case evidence with him, the "ancient” laptop provided to her was unable to play recordings of phone taps.

Ms Grant also claimed she was restricted from taking her own laptop in with her which has the capability to play the evidence, contesting this failure hinders Mr Campbell's right to a fair trial.

This along with the fact Mr Campbell's mother had recently passed away and he wanted to attend the funeral formed the basis of Ms Grant's bail application.

The presiding magistrate told Ms Grant there had to be some possible way the evidence could be played to Mr Campbell in the prison as this situation had "surely happened before”.

A Queensland Correctional Service spokesperson said the limits on property allowed in the centre were for security reasons, but were unable to comment on Mr Campbell's individual circumstances.

"Due to the secure nature of Correctional Centres restrictions are placed on items allowed into facilities, and these restrictions are made known to all visitors and prisoners,” the spokesperson said.

"QCS has an obligation to ensure prisoners have access to legal assistance and related material for trial preparation.

"Where issues are identified QCS ensures every effort is made to ensure they are rectified.”

Mr Campbell has not yet entered a plea.

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