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Prisoner supplied 'mate' with illegal drugs

'DOING a favour for a mate' in prison has led to one man missing his parole eligibility date and having to serve his full prison term.

Gary Andrew Fergusson, 46, pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton District Court to one count of supplying a dangerous drug in circumstances of aggravation.

Fergusson was busted trying to supply Buprenorphine - an opioid used by heroin addicts to suppress withdrawal symptoms - to a fellow inmate at Woodford Correctional Centre in January 2015.

Crown Prosecutor Megan Jones said correctional officers were inspecting meals made by prisoners on January 4, 2015, when they located a blue package concealed in a meal with an inmate's name on it.

The blue package contained six strips of Subutex - a brand Buprenorphine is sold under - with DNA on the packaging linked to Fergusson a week before another inmate was due to stand trial for the offence.

The court heard Fergusson had no idea the other inmate had been charged in relation to the Buprenorphine and made full admissions to the act of supply when approached by prosecutors.

Fergusson had originally been eligible to apply for parole in April 2017 but because he was waiting to be sentenced for this supply charge, he was not allowed to apply for bail at that time. His current custodial period will end on April 27, 2020.

Defence barrister Maree Willey said after Fergusson made admissions about the Buprenorphine, he was placed in solitary confinement for 48 days and then relocated from Woodford to Capricornia Correctional Centre.

The court heard Fergusson's criminal history was 14-pages long mostly of property and dishonesty offences.

Ms Willey said Fergusson became addicted to heroin when he was 22 to the point where his habit cost $1000 a day and that was how his criminal history accumulated.

”He was simply helping a friend out,” she said about the supply in prison matter.

Judge Michael Burnett sentenced Fergusson to a 12-month jail term for the supply charge with a parole eligibility date of November 2, 2017.

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