Professionals lay it on the line

NEXT time you walk along a lined walkway, or drive past a traffic controller, consider that you are passing a detailed service provided by a local business.

Since opening in Rockhampton in January 2008, Linemark is proving that there isn't anything boring about lines.

Previously Mackay-based, Linemark has been operating in and around Central Queensland for 26 years and provides three main services - line-marking, traffic control and sign sales and hire.

According to manager Ian Grisbrook, from carports to airport runways, if it needs to be lined, Linemark is available to prepare it.

“We carry out all types of line-marking and always ensure we cover workplace health and safety requirements, trip hazards, traffic calming, exclusion zones, as well as fire and power exclusion areas,” he said.

“The beauty of our service is we endeavour to build a long-term relationship with our clients, so we ensure the Rockhampton office is staffed and managed by local people who have an excellent knowledge of the local area.

“Although it may seem a simple service, there is much involved in our business so we are available 24/7 to deliver as and when required by our clients.

“We even carry out site visits and discussions, striving to have any queries or quotes completed within 24 hours.”

Linemark offers a much more extensive service than often realised, making areas safer for the public through line-marking, Ian said.

“This includes walkways for staff and customers, all to Australian standards, as well as public areas and workshops; our service even extends so far as to stencil car parks, loading areas and approved disabled parking motifs.

“We also supply and install wheel stops, speed humps, traffic signs and guide posts as well as raised pavement markers within our line-marking department,” he said.

Linemark was also involved in keeping worksites and roadwork safe through trained controllers who were licensed and accredited with the Main Roads departments and the hiring and selling of traffic and road signs, he said.

“The majority of our controllers have also passed a level two signage course as well as going through extensive police checks.”

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