POLL: Was Doblo's sign vandalised? Or was it free speech?

Graeme Dunstan is disgusted with the sign claiming "We'll Keep the Boats Out" attributed to Michelle Landry and the LNP government. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Graeme Dunstan is disgusted with the sign claiming "We'll Keep the Boats Out" attributed to Michelle Landry and the LNP government. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison

1PM: AS readers continue to discuss Graeme Dunstan's reaction to Dominic Doblo's sign, The Bulletin would like to see what readers think about the act.

As some have argued both have acted upon their right to free speech, and others have argued that Mr Dunstan had vandalised (a criminal act) Mr Doblo's sign, we want to see what the majority of readers think:

What do you classify Graeme Dunstan's spray painting words on Dominic Doblo's sign as being?

This poll ended on 24 June 2016.

Current Results

An act of free speech




Some where in between the two




I don't care


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Meanwhile, check out this list of Rockhampton's infamous protesters and activists: GALLERY: Rockhampton's infamous protesters and activists


9.30am: THE VANDALISM of a political campaign sign put up by Dominic Doblo has sparked a heated discussion on Facebook.

The sign, which has been a controversial topic since it was erected over the weekend, read 'we'll keep the boats out' and was placed alongside Capricornia LNP MP Michelle Landry's election campaign signs.

It was vandalised by well-known activist Graeme Dunstan who spray-painted his own message over Doblo's sign.

Readers have entered heated debates online about the refugee boats issue, whether or not such political signs are a distraction to drivers and therefore a road safety hazard, and whether or not Mr Dunstan should be penalised for 'expressing his opinion on the matter' via the vandalism act.

Haylee Cotter  said " This sign is dangerous, thoughtless advertising, designed to win votes from the horde of miseducated individuals who believe all of the hate propaganda being fed to us through the media. Send these politicians (and anyone who believes the media-fed belief that their lives are superior to refugees) through a German concentration camp for a proper education on what happens when the media starts a fear campaign against a certain race or religion. War and death, and centuries of regret."

Jim Kent said "So we teach those who look up to us that it is allowable to break the law and take actions into their own hands if they don't agree with someone else's opinion? And we question where intolerance and the lack of respect has come form the modern Australian society?"

Daryl Chubb - Regardless of what is on that sighn the graffiti artist should be jailed for de facing a sighn

Read more of the debate here:


9.30pm: AFTER his sign was vandalised by protestors yesterday, well-known Rockhampton businessman Dominic Doblo has mixed feelings about the men who took paint to politics.

The sign, which has been a controversial topic since it was erected over the weekend, read 'we'll keep the boats out' and was placed alongside Capricornia LNP MP Michelle Landry's election campaign signs.

"There are clowns in all parts of the world," Mr Doblo said on Tuesday.

"Legal action is not my cup of tea, I'd rather give him a smack around the ears... but I am a 57-year-old man, I am flat out keeping my kids under control.

"I want to thank him publicly for bringing it to everyone's attention. It is an important issue."

Mr Doblo said he had no interest in restoring the signs, with the federal election just around the corner.

But he did want at least one outcome to come from the issue.

"All I really want from this is for all the candidates to tell the people of Rocky where they stand on the boat issue," he said.

"We have (high) unemployment here in Rockhampton and this is a major issue. I am certainly not a racist and nor is Michelle Landry. But there are too many people who can't get a job.

If you come into Australia by boat at the moment it is illegal, so what they are condoning is breaking the law."

GRAEME Dunstan returned fire on Capricornia MP Michelle Landry and Dominic Doblo when he spraypainted a message of his own over their "We'll keep the boats out" sign.

Armed with a can of black spray paint, the passionate human rights activist wrote "This sign is sick!!" across the sign on the corner of Fitzroy and Albert streets as passing vehicles tooted their horns.

The sign attracted protesters over the weekend after Mr Doblo placed it next to Michelle Landry's campaign sign on Friday.

Graeme said it was time we take matters into "our own hands" to help our fellow human, and was moved to take action following last night's screening of Chasing Asylum - a movie delving into border protection policies throughout the Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull Government's.

"(It shows) terrible cruelty, it turns your belly to see what the cost of this strategy for stopping, or slowing immigration is about, it is torture, the UN has said its torture and to joke about it is appalling," he said.

Graeme saw the sign when it was put up over the weekend, and a petition had since been started to have it removed by Rockhampton's Michael Powell.

"I talked about it with a lot of people, there was a petition last night at the movie to get it moved, it is upsetting people," Graeme said. 

Chris Hooper is disgusted with the sign attributed to Michelle Landry claiming "We'll keep the boats out". Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Chris Hooper is disgusted with the sign attributed to Michelle Landry claiming "We'll keep the boats out". Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison

By his side was ex-Rockhampton mayoral candidate Chris Hooper, wearing a sign stating: "WE are all boat people - except Aboriginals": 

"We are all boat people us white Aussies, the whole lot of us are boat people," Chris said.

"It's a silly sign, the only true Australians are the Aboriginals. And we are all here because our ancestors were boat people once upon a time from persecution - so it's a silly term.

"But that's the way a lot of people think - which is a shame."

While he realises not everyone is willing to take such bold action, Graeme said he believes the only way forward is to "bring down the Lib-Lab coalition" and vote Green.

"They (the Liberal and Labor parties) are Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum in refugee policy, vote green, it's the best thing we have got going for us at this time."

On the weekend, Michelle Landry said there was still plenty of support for her party's policies.

"There is plenty of support from people saying they don't want the boats to start up again," Ms Landry said.

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