Psychopathic sexual predator's appeal denied

A PSYCHOPATHIC sexual predator with sexual sadism tendencies will remain behind bars indefinitely after the Queensland Court of Appeal rejected his appeal.

Raymond Henry Garland is considered one of Australia's most dangerous sexual offenders, beginning his offending at age 14 and spending all but 18 months behind bars since 1982.

He is serving four indefinite jail terms for sex attacks in Brisbane and Mackay and was refused a fixed sentence, or a life sentence, when his case was reviewed in 2012.

Garland argued the judge had erred in concluding he remained a serious danger to the community, claiming if an indefinite sentence was discharged and he was given a life sentence, there was still no guarantee he would be released into the community under a parole regime.

Justice Philip Morrison said it was open to the judge not to discharge the indefinite sentence and it was possible to conclude a parole regime would not reduce the risk.

He said one significant finding was that there was no clear prognosis for the necessary improvement needed to avoid re-offending if Garland was released.

"In other words, the evidence did not demonstrate that the risk of serious harm to the community would lessen in the two years following the review," he said.

"Given that finding it is not possible, in my respectful opinion, to demonstrate that his honour erred in concluding, as he evidently did, that the parole regime did not obviate the risk."

Garland raped and sodomised a 14-year-old girl in 1985, sodomised two teenage boys, aged 14 and 15, in 1987 and held a group of people hostage in South Mackay in 1997.

He raped a five-months pregnant woman and sodomised a 16-year-old boy during the nine-hour siege.

Garland, who admits to having rape fantasies several times a week, has been subject to sex offence allegations while he was in the general prison population as recently as 2011 but no charges were laid.

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