WATERCOOLER: Should Labour Day be in October or May?

AFTER a brief stint in October, Labour Day has been shuffled back to May.

Queensland Parliament yesterday passed amendments to the Holidays Act 1983 which would return Labour Day to the first Monday in May from 2016.

Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations Curtis Pitt said the May date has cultural and historical significance for Queenslanders.

"The achievements of the labour movement in securing the eight hour working day, collective bargaining, fair and safe working conditions, and decent and fair wages have long been recognised in Queensland by observing Labour Day on the first Monday in May."

Mr Pitt said from 2016, the Queen's Birthday public holiday now held on the second Monday in June would be moved to the first Monday in October.

"While the name of the public holiday in October will change, it's important to note that there will still be a Monday to recover after NRL footy finals weekend," he said.

Which month should Labour Day be in?

This poll ended on 13 November 2015.

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"These changes have been necessary because of spiteful actions taken by the former Newman LNP Government.
"In 2013, without any community consultation and without taking it to an election, Campbell Newman's government shamefully moved the Queen's Birthday to June.

"The LNP also moved the Labour Day public holiday from the first Monday in May, where it had been celebrated for over 100 years, to October.

"We've delivered what Queenslanders wanted, not what the Campbell Newman thought was best for them."

What do you think about this? Should Labour Day be in October or May?

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Kevin Pilcher: "October as it is the only Long Weekend i the last 6 months. All others are in the first 6 months."

Darlene Dobson: "The June Holiday should have stayed, there are enough holidays in April/May with Anzac Day and Easter and our show holiday. And what about those people that already had weddings/events organised for next years long weekends. As usual, no thought to the people outside of the cities."

Chris Tyre Man Liebke: "Labour day, Queens birthday, you can call it Qld unicorn circumcision day for all I care. As long as one of them is in October that's all that matters."

Greg Lange: "If you dont want to/cant read the article, they'd also state that Queens Birthday is being moved from June to October - the Labor Govt are just moving it back to May to keep the unions happy."

Sue Waters: "October, breaks the year up a bit. Too many holidays in the first part of the year."

Liz Sparksman: "I think there should be a public holiday on June 6th for Queensland day!!!"

Daphne Keough: "That's great ideal as that is labour day in Queensland."

Alex Law: "Labour Day should be May, but Queens Birthday would be ideal for October."

David Warner: "October - May is too close to Easter/ANZAC Day holidays, and too cold as well. October FTW!"

Simon Eldridge: "Like it really matters... Surely the pollies have more important things to do than fiddle about with public holidays."

John Green: "Maybe people should learn to read, queens birthday will be in October , labour day back in May where it belongs."

Susan Hornery: "Leave it in October, there are no public holidays in the last half of the year. Breaks the routine till Christmas."

Brett Greer: "Its time we leaved in a modern time. What does it matter when it is so long as rhey leave one public holiday in october. It is hard enough in business so why not spread them out?"

Gil Burgh: :Would you so easily move Anzac Day, Good Friday or Christmas Day?

"Labour Day on the 1st Monday in May has much historical significance in Queensland as it commemorates the granting of the eight-hour working day and recognises workers' contributions towards the country's economy. Striking shearers held a procession on May Day, 1 May 1890, and the first Brisbane May Day march was held in 1893. In 1901 it was gazetted as a public holiday by the Queensland government and in 1912 the day was renamed Labour Day.

"On the other hand, The Queen's birthday actually falls on 21 April but it is celebrated in June, and therefore can be moved to whatever day is suitable/convenient.

"NOTE: One day we will become a republic and FINALLY we can declare a new public holiday that has meaning for ALL Australians, and ditch the Monarch's birthday celebrations altogether!"

David Hitchener: "October, too many public holidays in the first half if the year."

Donna Caesar: :Dec 25 &26; Jan- 1st & 26th; Mar/Apr Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Monday; & Apr 25; May 1st Mon........ 9 public hildays in less than 4 1/2 months, 5 months to the next one, then nearly 3 months til the next one, CRAZY!"

Ricki Menzies: "October aligns with other states and there are often too many weeks in a row earlier in the year with Easter, Anzac Day and Labour day."

Paul Smart: "Keep it in Oct, too many holidays at start of the year."

Sarah Taylor: "October was much better. To many holidays at the start of the year."

Rudy N Lyn Stakenburg: "Why not make all the 1st half of the year 4 day weeks then make the last half 6day weeks makes just as much sense .labour day means nothing to the workers of today it's just another day off .It's past history get rid of it ????????????????"

Christine Hartung: "We will now have the public holiday in May and Oct and no June long weekend, so you are getting October anyway so don't see the issue."

Kez Mar: :2 states have their Labour Day in October - other states have theirs as is historically significant for them. Qld Labour Day in May is historically significant for Qld. Plus for those worried about not having a holiday in October, read the article.... there will still be a public holiday in October - the Queen's birthday: easy to change from June as June isn't her birthday anyway."

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