Queen Elizabeth II is doing things her own way.

The monarch is currently in mourning following the death of her husband, Prince Philip at the age of 99.

In such a situation, tradition generally calls for the Queen, 94, to use black-edged stationery during her mourning period, but according to multiple reports, she will instead use different personalised stationery.

According to People magazine, the royal's stationery will feature her own crest in black. Usually, the crest is red.

The outlet reports that the change could be a nod to Philip's famous no-nonsense attitude and his more modern funeral design, which featured his coffin travelling by Land Rover to with Windsor Castle ceremony, where no eulogy was given.


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Other royals, including Prince Charles, Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Kate Middleton will follow tradition and used black-edged stationery.

According to People, the use of such stationery was popular in the 19th century and was followed by Queen Victoria after the death of her husband, Prince Albert in 1861.

Envelopes matching the stationery with a thick black border are used as a signal of mourning.

Despite breaking with the norm, the Queen stuck to the tradition of sending a final handwritten note to Philip on the black-edged stationery, which was included in a bouquet of flowers at his funeral.

Charles, now 72, has followed the tradition in the past, notably after the death of his grandmother and Queen Mother in 2002.


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The new stationery with the black crest is expected to be used by the Queen when responding to the well-wishes, sympathies and condolences sent to her after the Duke of Edinburgh's April 9 death.

Buckingham Palace did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

After 73 years of marriage, the day of Philip's funeral was understandably emotional for Elizabeth, who was photographed dabbing away a tear at the funeral for her late husband.

Although the queen is known for not showing too much emotion in public, a chance photo snapped by the Royal Central caught the queen in the back of her black Bentley on her way out of the service calmly wiping away a tear after saying goodbye to her partner.

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