READERS DISCUSS: Racing industry defended by stalwart

ROCKHAMPTON'S Cherie Dooley is one of millions of Australians horrified by the tragic death of two horses at this week's Melbourne Cup.

But the fourth-generation racing industry insider, who spent many childhood years at Callaghan Park, doesn't believe the industry deserves the criticism from animal activists. Read what she said here>>>>

We asked The Morning Bulletin's Facebook users for their thoughts yesterday.

Here are some of the comments posted.

Adele Minns. If the animal activists were so concerned about the welfare of horses why didn't we hear a peep out of them when the brumbies were culled (shot from the air) in Victoria's high country because they were supposedly damaging the area?

Susan Cunningham. I have to say I worry a whole lot more about lots of other horses and ponies that will never get media attention. The ones that get "retired" into a paddock with no attention paid to their teeth and feet - horses can starve to death in a paddock full of feed when their teeth wear out. The horse rescue groups have horrific stories to tell. One group recently found a young pony being fed canned dog food (and nothing else) by his owners who knew nothing about horses.

Peter Turner. These racehorses are better kept and looked after than most pets. And live longer than stock horses on average too. All the do-gooders who don't know facts again having a whinge.

Gary Barra McNae. So someone who earns a wage from horse racing doesn't believe the industry deserves the criticism being levelled at it - well there's a shock!

Zara-Lee Goodson. Horse racing has nothing on greyhounds. It's just that humans connect better with horseys and it was the big race. Deaths happen all the time in racing. Our dogs eat horse meat, so it has to come from somewhere. It's just like any animal we farm: we use the animal for a purpose and retire it when it's done its job. Guide dogs, police/army dogs, birds of prey, lab animals, farm animal, racing animals - all could be seen as inhumane. We simply take advantage of them. If you bet on the horses on Tuesday you should feel guilty for those deaths or nothing at all. I'll have a lamb burger with eggs and bacon please. Hold the cheese, dairy cows are treated badly.

Charlene McKenzie. "Mishap" is an interesting way to describe the death of two horses.

Gayle Vea Vea. 3rd biggest industry in Australia.. And what's in the cat food you are giving your cat tonight.

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