Radar finds room for 279 new burials at cemetery

USING ground penetrating radar, Rockhampton Regional Council has found enough space at North Rockhampton cemetery to accommodate just over four years of new burials.

The examination identified 279 available spaces at the site, which has not accepted new burials since the 1990s.

The recommendation was made in Tuesday's parks and recreation committee meeting and will be presented for a final decision at next week's council meeting.

A growing population has created space issues for cemeteries in the region, but council plans to alleviate some pressure with new burials at North Rockhampton and an expanded Gracemere site.

A report presented in council stated North Rockhampton had only been open to internments in reserved or family graves for roughly 20 years. But Department of Natural Resources and Mines could not find evidence of the site's official closure.

This, combined with the extra space identified, will allow council to re-commence new burials.

Councillor Cherie Rutherford (pictured) said it was a "wonderful outcome" to ensure the site could be used for a further four years.

However, at the Rockhampton Memorial Gardens, there are only 12 new burial sites available, with an additional three for babies. This space is expected to be exhausted in December, with no new burials under existing conditions.

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