Child porn downloader breaches reporting obligations

A CHILD pornography downloader was drinking and trying to find an "old friend" when he breached his child protection reporting obligations by setting up an alias Facebook account.

Nathan Wayne Harris, 32, claims he was too embarrassed to use his real name because he had been jailed for possessing more than 2600 images and almost 700 videos of children being exploited sexually.

The Toowoomba man was sentenced to 2.5 years jail but he was immediately released on a three-year good behaviour bond on Commonwealth charges.

He received a concurrent 2.5 years jail, suspended after the 198 days he had already served, on state charges.

Judge Katherine McGinness extended the suspended sentence and the bond each for three months, though the prosecutor had asked for a year on each.

The court heard the images involved children aged from six months to 16 years but the majority depicted pre-pubescent children aged under 12.

He had also made almost 3000 files available online for others to access.

Harris's lawyers said he had spent a decade working in the hospitality and hotel industry in Toowoomba but was now living in Brisbane.

She said he was afraid to make new friendships because he was scared they would reject him if they found out about his background.

Harris has obligations under the child protection offender reporting register to let authorities know his whereabouts, his internet service provider, email addresses and any other electronic identities he might use.

He admitted the Facebook account when police asked him some general compliance questions.

He was fined $800 for the breach.

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