The aerial spraying aircraft.
The aerial spraying aircraft. Supplied

Rain brings out mozzies

ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council has taken to the air to get a jump on mosquitoes.

Recent rain and tidal activity is turning the region into a mosquito hotspot.

While a health expert late yesterday said there was no chance of a Ross River outbreak in the city, authorities are working together to stop mozzies breeding.

Council has activated its aerial program which targets influxes of the salt marsh mosquito, which carries the Ross River Virus.

This program involves an aircraft distributing the insecticide Bti, which kills mosquito larvae by breaking down the lining of the gut.

It targets breeding sites adjacent to the Fitzroy River within 20km south of Rockhampton, totalling about 180 hectares.

Council is also controlling numbers by targeting larvae with a growth regulating insecticide within the city limits and utilising its misting program on an as-needs basis.

A council spokeswoman said a noticeable increase in mosquito activity had been reported since the onset of the recent rains and big tides.

The spokeswoman said the problem wasn’t confined to any particular area.

She urged people to take action to reduce the problem around their homes and prevent the breeding of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, a dengue fever carrier.

These mosquitoes breed in containers such as tyres, pot plant saucers, buckets, gutters, the hollows within Bromeliads and ponding water.

People need to remove water and wipe containers with a clean cloth every four days.

Narelle Horspool spent the day on the river yesterday with her young family where the focus was on the plenty of fish, crabs and even a shark they encountered.

Narelle said the mozzies weren’t too bad, but she had noticed they’d been getting worse recently at night time.

And she thinks there will be more about in coming days.

Mozzie safe

People can reduce the risk of disease from mosquitoes further by:

Wearing protective clothing, eg loose-fitting long sleeve shirts and pants;

Limiting the time spent outdoors around dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active;

Using mosquito nets, mosquito coils, personal repellents and ceiling fans; and

Screening windows and doors.

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