Rain clouds the memory of sunshine

REMEMBER sunshine?

Well, hold on to that memory because it could be a while yet before you need to squint or don sunglasses.

The thick, leaden clouds that have leaked about 100mm on the region in the last seven days won't be going anywhere for the next seven.

In fact, the only change in the weather we can expect is a rise in humidity from Sunday onwards as temperatures climb to daily highs of 27 or 28 degrees.

According to Weatherzone.com.au, parts of Central Queensland have already recorded their wettest September since records began 145 years ago, with Springsure leading the way with 232mm so far.

And the soaking continues.

Bureau of Meteorology Rockhampton forecaster John Gard-ner predicts heavier rain tonight and Saturday morning, easing to lighter rain activity over the remainder of the weekend with showers through to late Tuesday. Storms are likely on Wednesday.

There's no real prospect of clearer skies until the latter part of next week.

Central Region Traffic Co-ordinator Neil Shillington says the wet roads have been a factor in a high percentage of the 60 crashes that have occurred across the district this week.

“Driving too fast for the road conditions is the single largest factor in death and injury crashes around the world. Just a few kilometres over the speed limit increases your stopping distance dramatically and if this is coupled with driving too close, the drivers have no time to react,” he said.

“Drivers should be driving with at least a three-second gap from the car in front and even more in wet conditions.”

Acting Inspector Shillington said a high proportion of the accidents had been rear-end shunts with cars skidding into the back of other vehicles. So far this week 16 people have been injured in crashes, although most injuries have been relatively minor.

The most serious was to a 43-year-old man who received life-threatening head injuries when his vehicle overturned on the Dawson Highway near Moura on September 18.

Since the start of Operation Spring Break last weekend, officers have also breath-tested more than 6000 drivers in the Central Region, with 55 drink-drivers detected.

One of the worst instances involved a 39-year-old woman on the Scenic Highway in Yeppoon who allegedly blew 0.186 at 2.30 in the afternoon.

He warned drivers that random breath tests and roadside drug tests would continue.

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