Rallying against a Great Keppel casino proposal

YOU could say Anne O'connor is leading the protest... against the protest.

She's not alone on it either: she told The Morning Bulletin yesterday she had four people so far who were willing to join her protest rally opposing a boutique casino licence for Great Keppel Island.

Ms O'connor believed there were dozens, potentially hundreds, of Rockhampton and Keppel residents who were "anti-casino", but they simply did not have a public voice.

She believed the reason for that was the "significant proportion" of residents who supported the casino overshadowed the opinions of those who didn't.

Ms O'connor said there were about 80,000 adults in the Rockhampton and Keppel electorates combined.

She said about a quarter of that figure supported the boutique casino licence for GKI.

"So one can only assume that the remaining adults in this electorate either don't know about the casino, or don't care about it, or they are against it," she said.

Ms O'connor claimed that some people, who supported a boutique casino licence for GKI, were ill-informed about jobs on the island if construction of the resort got underway.

"Sure, the resort will create 1500 jobs but we don't really know the detail of these jobs... many of them will be casual and part-time positions over a set period of time," she said.

"And even so, some of these people in those casual positions will take home about $300 a week in wages."

Ms O'connor opposed the casino licence because she believed the region didn't need one.

"I feel the region has so much to offer (with other attractions)... but to say we must have a casino to attract tourists here is absurd.

"I went to Agnes Water and 1770, which don't have casinos, and they are very similar to us... they are operating at 120% during peak season."

She is organising her protest rally for Sunday, June 14, at the Yeppoon Beachfront.

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