Random kind acts improve health

THE mind is an amazing thing.

A song playing on the radio can transform you back in time, bringing back memories of good times or bad, love lost and found.

Not bad for three minutes of music and a catchy chorus.

Words are so powerful.

As soon as someone says "nits" your head starts itching. Watch.

A random comment about Sesame Street has me humming the theme song for days.

This week I was so excited when I found $10 in my shorts pocket.

Some may think that just means at some point I lost $10.

There are others that would say the $10 was already yours, so it was no win or loss either way.

To me it was a double windfall, because later that morning I dropped it at work and found it again!

There is much to be said for small pleasures.

Try walking down the street and smiling at a stranger. Chances are they will smile back.

Even better, you might have just made their day, and it might even make your day.

The Australian Kindness Movement website said results of a survey shows participating in regular, small acts of kindness is beneficial to your health, longevity and wellbeing.

So it is no surprise that performing a random act of kindness makes you feel really good. The person who receives a kind act experiences those same feelings too.

A friend of mine returned from holidays over Christmas to find her back lawn mowed and a card from a neighbour saying "hope this starts your year off well".

Just hearing about that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - and it wasn't even my lawn.

A few years ago pranksters blew up my mailbox and days later a random stranger who lived around the corner turned up on my doorstep with a brand new mailbox he had made himself.

I still think about that with a smile on my face.

I encourage my kids to be kind to others, and I know lots of others parents out there do the same.

But do we do it ourselves?

My challenge to you is to forget this is the year of the dragon and make 2012 the year of random acts of kindness.

It will make you feel good, I'm positive.

Super Mum with Sharyn O'Neill

Twitter: supermum1972

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