Leonard Fraser.
Leonard Fraser.

Rapist heart attack inquest starts

MORE evidence is needed to rule out any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death in custody of Queensland's first serial killer, Leonard John Fraser, Queensland's chief coroner ruled today.

Fraser died from a heart attack shortly after midnight on January 1, 2007, after suffering weeks of chest pain.

The 55-year-old was serving four indefinite life sentences at Wolston Correctional Centre for killing three Rockhampton women and a nine-year-old schoolgirl, Keyra Steinhardt.

One of the state's most notorious prisoners, Fraser had also admitted to killing several other women, including his 17-year-old girlfriend. He was never tried for those alleged murders.

He had confessed to killing missing schoolgirl Natasha Ryan. However, during his trial for her murder five years after she disappeared, she was spectacularly found to be hiding in a cupboard at her boyfriend's Rockhampton home.

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