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READER DISCUSS: Teachers letter to kids about NAPLAN

A touching letter, received by Year 3 students at St Paul's Primary School in Gracemere, was posted to Facebook by parent Paul Lawrie and has since been shared more than 25,000 times. 

Click here to read story: Qld school sends students letter: 'this test does not assess'

What do you think of NAPLAN?

  • Amanda Houlison - My daughter got this letter and it certainly took a lot of pressure off her little mind.....mention the word NAPLAN to any child in yr 3, 5, 7 or 9 and watch them cringe....Well done St Pauls....there is no doubt you have considered these kids emotions first and foremost......
  • Rebecca Doak - My son is grade 3 and he is excited to do Naplan. I think it comes down to how it is portrayed to them.
  • Adam Kirsty Bailey - Awesome letter !! This test used to be nothing special and would be done to see progress of students. Some schools now will focus solely on recieving good results from this test and will make the students study for this for up to 2 weeks prior. Too much emphasis is put on this test and too much pressure being put on students for this test and for them to do well. Ive personally had a child who became physically sick over studing for this test, which is not right !
  • Katie Wilkes - My son got one of these and I think it is so absolutely thoughtful of the teachers!! I told my kids to just try their best and not let it get to them, I have 2 doing it today. It needs to be scrapped !!!
  • Elizabeth Hood - Love this! Made me teary
  • Belinda Leah Vaughan - Made me teary every school should of done this
  • Robyn Hustlerr - Saw something almost identical to this on Facebook a few years ago written by an American teacher, awesome idea! Tests are important but so is a childs self esteem, well done to this school smile emoticon
  • Chuck Young - I have great respect for the person who not only thought of the children but wrote the words of truth for the children themselves!! Every child is unique! Grades are not a reflection of character but a guide for improvement
  • Paul Tyler - Outstanding teacher - clearly.
  • Debbie Bryant - Just lovely and so true.
  • Rebecca Doak - My son is grade 3 and doing Naplan for the first time. He is actually excited about it.
  • Nicole Sorine Schoeler - The problem with naplan testing is that is to grade and put our children in numbered categories, the truth of the whole education system is just that of quota and numbers it is hard to find teachers that love their jobs nowadays and not because of the children but because of the system they work for , only 40% of children in public schools are given the help they need to finish school , if your child is not in that 40% they will be left to struggle , the public education system is set up to fail students that aren't able to learn quick enough . The truth of the educational system of Australia is that unless u can afford thousands to go private your children will not be taught the way they should be and they will be left behind . Having to do courses that cost thousands and owe the government thus being left in a sea of financial slavery , money is not made from doing what's right it is made by creating struggle and sickness , this is what our government is doing along side the big companies and it's very sad .
  • Katie Wilkes - This letter was written by teachers at the private school my son goes to. Public private who cares! The teachers have written it personally to all the grade 3 kids in the school to lift their self esteem and not be phased by the test.. It's not about if u kid goes to private or state and what funding goes to what... I have one at public high school and one at private primary and they are equally getting an education and equally undergoing NAPLAN this week.

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