READERS DISCUSS: Why do we punish the bullying victims?

THE lawyer of a 13-year-old school Rockhampton girl punished for taking a knife to school said after enduring months of relentless bullying, the student put a knife in her bag to take to school the next day after her alleged tormentor repeatedly threatened to end her life.

The Bulletin asked readers: Is bullying a big problem in Central Queensland schools? What action have you heard has been taken against bullies?

Ann Williams: I have a friend who's daughter was bullied and the school said it was the bullies word against hers...of course they denied it...even when presented with texts from the bullies, the school wasn't went to the police, and still nothing was done because they were minors...the child ended up going to boarding school where she thrived.

Maureen Halligan: And the kid that gets bullied is punished. Typical.

Esther Mary Delamain: Whatever the school policy is ain't working ...the kids have to belong to a group for protection in schools these days ...#unbelievable

Kym Bonisch: Why is it that society continues to punish the victims and not the perpetrator. The school should be ashamed that they too have started to bully the child.

Robynne Walsh: Children should feel safe at school,they shouldnt have to take these things on themselves,its sad this poor child didnt think there was any other way.

Jenaya Lousia Tattan-Allen : Bullying is one of the biggest problems in Central Queensland and it's just getting worse.

Debbie Bardrick: Name and Shame the bullies so everyone knows who they are....


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The lawyer of a 13-year-old school girl punished for taking a knife to school said after enduring months of relentless...

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Thursday, 7 May 2015

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