19/09/03 122400b Ben, Sarah and Franz with their parents at the Nambour anti abortion protest . Photo:Barry Leddicoat.
19/09/03 122400b Ben, Sarah and Franz with their parents at the Nambour anti abortion protest . Photo:Barry Leddicoat. Barry Leddicoat

Reader tells how anti-abortion protesters changed her life

IT IS a subject that can pull the heartstrings of most people and it has for one reader of The Morning Bulletin.

This week, we ran a story about Mark Ross who has spent the past 15 years out the front of Rockhampton's abortion clinic with his hands around a Bible.

For one day each week the 71-year-old "helper of God's precious infants" could be found on the footpath with a group of up to seven others, praying and handing out pamphlets to the women who entered.

Hels Bells post on The Bulletin's Facebook page about this subject:

"This just brought tears to my eyes. Some years ago i was one of the ladies whom was trying to enter such a clinic..... i was so scared lugging a suitcase walking down the path. I was approached by this man and a few others.

"I did feel terrified absolutely terrified. .... i was handed a pamphlet which i retreated with into the side lane way. Sat down and read it crying in the gutter with my suitcase beside me looking at the picture of the babies limbs piled in a bin. It was then i decided no matter what the reason that brought me to come to the decision to abort even tho it was amongst the biggest reason possible that led me to believe it was the only way.

"No baby deserves for their life to be over before it begins n especially ones self. Today over a decade has passed and i can look at my first born daughter with nothing but the purest love. So in honor of Mark Ross i would like to thank you for approaching me on that day which would've been the biggest mistake of my life.

"No words can explain how grateful i am you were there that day but a picture is worth a million words. I have often thought back to that day n have wondered if i went back there would you be there to thank because I've always wanted the opportunity to thank those who were there.

"But on that day you especially were my guardian angel thankyou soo much. I understand people have different reasons for their decisions im just expressing my experience so hopefully it may help others with theirs. May god bless you xoxo

( I have not yet had the conversation with my daughter of the story of her beginning tho will one day. I just thought my opinion on this should be discussed )"

Do you support women in Queensland getting abortions?

This poll ended on 13 November 2015.

Current Results



Yes, if the woman has been raped or tests show the foetus is sick or deformed


Yes, a woman should have the right to choose what is happening to her body


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Here are some of the other comments readers posted in relation to the question: Do you support women getting abortions in Queensland?

  • Anja Zemlicoff - Pro choice 100%.
  • Kirsten Walpole - I think it's a hard enough decision for any woman without walking the gauntlet of disapproval, shame and judgement. None of the protesters know the truth each woman faces, let's not make it harder than it has to be.
  • Bek Manwaring - Best response!
  • Joanne Lee - I agree. you don't know why they made this choice. this woman could of been raped or the fetus could have a horrible syndrome.
  • Lacey Egerton - best comment right there!
  • Naomi Prange - Well said Kirsten!
  • Jodie Holznagel - Definitely agree. It's so easy for them to sit on the doorstep in judgement of those women walking in and out of that clinic. But not one of them knows what is going through that woman's mind. That pregnancy may be a result of rape or molestation. Maybe a health reason. Who are we to sit in judgement of what these women put their bodies through?!
  • Ben Dickenson - If pregnancy presents an imminent danger the mother, or the child faces a life with severe impairment that would lead to a life of pain and suffering, then yes. Abortion should be an option. Other than that, there are a number of HUMANE options available.
  • Aaron Griffiths - Yes and the only one who should decide is the women and her doctors it is non of my, or for that matter, society's business. Offer support, not judgement
  • Joanne Lee - I don't think abortion is a clear black and white issue. it is a personal and emotional choice. you don't know why the woman is making this choice and having a religious person shouting and judging wouldn't make it it any easier
  • Courtney Griffiths - Absolutely. If a woman has made the very hard decision to terminate, it means that they've thought about the child's future quality of life and have decided to be selfless enough to terminate rather than bring them into a life of emotional and/or financial struggle.
  • Tamara Spilsbury - Anyone who went to have an abortion and changed their mind solely because of this man, please comment.....
  • I suspect he's wasted 1 day each week for 15 years. Mind your business.
  • Sandy Phipps - It is a Women's body and a Woman's choice. You don't know her story and no one has the right to pretend they do know that women's story.


Read the full discussion here:

Mark Ross has spent the past 15 years out the front of Rockhampton's abortion clinic with his hands around a Bible.For...

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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