READERS DISCUSS: Stop shopping online and spend locally call

"THE online market is killing local retailers."

That is the blunt truth from Chamber of Commerce president Peter Fraser who is encouraging the Central Queensland community to buy local.

We asked our Facebook users: How much do you spend online shopping each month? What do you buy online, and what would you buy locally?

Natasha Fraser - Hard to buy local when most times you can't find what ur looking for and it is quicker to order online and have it delivered than wait for shops to get it in stock.

Garrett Wells - There are plenty of local businesses in our region that are absolutely fantastic to deal with and consistently go above and beyond to engage their customers, but by the same token, there are a significant number of businesses who seemingly cannot break with the mindset of location trumping poor range and lack of service. Most buy local programs don't fall over because the locals don't want to support local business, they fall over because local business fails to meet the demands of the consumers they are trying to engage, be that in range, price point, or service.

Peter Jaggard - I try and buy as much as I can locally but there is a point at where I don't. I understand that local shops have bigger overheads but the items I have bought lately were 4 time cheaper than to buy locally. If the price was about 30% higher I would have bought locally. In the defence of local businesses, if you can find the same item online cheaper, go and see them, they may be able to negotiate.

Sonia Donaldson - Online stores can also be local, family run businesses. I try to support small biz rather than multinationals, online or in store.

Clayton Robertson - It's hard to buy local when it's so overpriced. An example recently was I needed a set of cv's for my ute, rang around and could get them for "x" amount of dollars each. Online got 2 delivered (same brand) to my door overnight cheaper then I could buy one for in town. Makes its hard to shop local when everyone is on such a tight budget these days.

Leyland Barnett - Times of change are upon us, use online technology to help your business survive these changes. Everyone remembers what happened to the local corner store when huge supermarkets moved into town.

Melissa N Rohan Brown - Cheaper, delivered , and in stock sometimes half price of local for same thing. online is only going to get bigger with money as tight as it is now days who can afford to pay twice the amount for same product

Joanne Coulter - Pretty hard to buy local estuary caught seafood now they have stopped commercial fishing in the river. Just mudcrabs, prawns and expensive reef fish.

Chantal Boo th - nothing. I buy nothing online.

David Sjoberg - Buy online and save save save mega bucks AND have it delivered to your door.

Kate Stephenson - I buy a lot of things online simply because it is almost always far cheaper. Sorry, but every dollar matters these days.

Cherith Weis - AGREE...I never buy online.

Cheryl Erickson Karaban - I shop online frequently. I find it frustrating that I even get my goods quicker from overseas than from another state in Australia. And people wonder why you shop online.

Amanda Charles - I try to buy local, but the mark ups are ridiculous, I understand you have overheads but I also know were your stock comes from and how much you get it for. Tho most of the stuff I buy online you can't get in town anyway.

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