READERS DISCUSS: Cambridge Hotel's shock closure this week

IT'S one of Rockhampton's high-profile hotels, so it was a surprise for many on Wednesday to see a closed sign on the door at the Cambridge Hotel Motel.

A small sign on the front door said the hotel would be closed for "a redevelopment".

However, the owner and manager of the Cambridge declined to comment on Wednesday about the closure or redevelopment.

The Bulletin understands staff only found out about the closure about 8am on Wednesday after arriving for work.

The Bulletin ran a post on Facebook asking readers which is their favourite pub in the region. Some answered the question, while others discuss the Cambridge Hotel Motel's closure.

Here are what readers had to say:

  • Jade Verheyden: Rocky is going to be a ghost town soon, all these businesses closing suddenly... It's sad really.
  • Billie Fraser: Those poor staff, no notice at all, their stress levels must be through the roof right now.
  • Ann Armstrong: Many of the pubs can't compete with clubs now days.
  • Jack Beynon: I must of been keeping them a float . 12 months since I been there.
  • Vicki Scott: I know this little pub just south of Rocky that is open.The Bajool pub just got new people running it. Check it out.
  • Damo Scott: what is happening to our town.
  • Jennifer Amott: I am sorry for the staff, but some of this is down to management. The treatment in some places towards hospitality staff is awful and I am not suggesting that the Cambridge was like that. Then there's the never stepping out of the box and doing something different.
  • Em-Jay Burgess: The Criterion for entertainment and country style comfort, local music always been a delight when I've been there. Giddy Goat for food though great meals.
  • Pam Parker: My daughter was one of the 20 staff that lost their job, none of them expected this at all. But there is expected to be redevelopment of this site.
  • Daniel Harkin: Lets start a betting pool. I got twenty on the Lakes Creek pub closing next.
  • Amy Perfect: Matthew Schirmer. I thought it was closed last Saturday night. There ya go.

Read all the comments on Facebook here:

It was a surprise for many yesterday to see a closed sign on the door at the Cambridge Hotel Motel. Which is the best pub in the region? Why?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Wednesday, 3 June 2015

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